Overview of tractor disc harrow

What is a harrow disc? 

A harrow is the basic need of agriculture farms connected with tractors to plow the fields for planting and seeding. A harrow requires three to 13 discs or maybe more placed on the square shaft, often provided as the gang bolt or gang shaft. These discs are assembled on the post – called a disk gang, while each gang needs a square frame to scrape out any soil material – that gets stuck on the harrow disc.

How does the harrow disc work? 

It is an implement pulled through a field by a tractor, used to break up large clods of dirt, cut up weeds and crop residue, and aerate the soil. The most common disc harrow used today is a tractor disc harrow which plays a significant role in tilling operations and which can be a single gang, double gang, and multi-gang. Single gang disc harrows throw soil in one direction while cutting since the disc blades are concave. 

These will turn under weeds and surface debris while breaking up hard soil, and they also loosen the soil so water will soak ineffective. A spike harrow is simply a row of spikes. Usually six to eight inches long, mounted on a frame to drag over the soil with a tractor. 

They crumble up the soil but don’t invert it or cover up debris; the ground needs to be clean of waste, or the harrow will clog up. They break up clods of earth and aerate the soil, but they don’t condition it deeply or turn it under weeds.

What kind of soil are you harrowing? 

Disc harrowing heavy clay soil will allow water to percolate through it to decrease runoff during rain, and it will loosen it up and break up clods so planters will plant seeds more efficiently, and the seeds will germinate better. 

Harrowing sandy soil can help to compact it, depending on how much moisture is in the ground. It can also break the earth so much that wind erosion can strip dirt off a field. 

Loamy black soil is less likely to erode in the wind and less likely to compact such hard rain will wash it (depending on how hilly the land is), but loamy soil doesn’t require as much tillage as hard clay to begin with since it doesn’t tend to form hard dirt clods as clay does.

Where is the tractor disc harrow used? 

As far as tractor disc harrow shafts are concerned, they depend on the connectivity and their uses. Some of the common names that you can get include, but are not limited to:

  • Hub, Shaft, Stub Axle For Disc Plows
  • Stub Axle, Hub for Disc Plows, and hub cap for grease
  • Oil Seal, Stub Axle, and Bracket
  • Stabilizer bar, Yoke and Bearing Housing
  • Centring bearing and stub axle

These highly advanced tools and parts are made of premium quality and strong material, including iron and stainless steel, while advanced techniques make them ideal to use. 

Cutting edge technology, price competitiveness, delivery of the consignment in time, quality checking process, and vast experienced implemented in the making, etc. are some of the added benefits that you will get from a selected company that has been involved in the making of tractor disc plows or such kind of shafts.