Offensive Sigma Guide | Overwatch guides

Sigma is an incredibly interesting tank hero that has insane damaging potential. It is quite a common thing to see yourself with the gold “”Damage Done”” medal at the end of the match, but do not overthink, Sigma is just a strong hero that must be used if you are interested in Overwatch boosting. With his help, you will find an opportunity to quickly climb the Overwatch competitive ladder and nothing would be able to stop you from smiting your enemies. But his offensive abilities are quite hard and you might find yourself a little confused about how this hero works. This guide is created especially for you guys, for everyone who are struggling with the aiming.

Hyperspheres and Accretion are your primary offensive tools and you need to know how they work to fully open the Sigma’s hidden potential. Learn how to land a basic combo and you will win almost every duel possible.

How to use Hyperspheres

But to master this weapon, you need to understand that it will implode only if you hit the target, otherwise, it will explode after 20 meters. This is the most important thing you need to abuse if you want to use Sigma at his full potential. Learn right angles at every map, calculate perfect distances and then you will be able to make such incredibly precise trick shots that nobody could expect from an off-tank. With some practice time, a special feeling will appear somewhere deeply in yourself. This feeling will guide you when it is the best time to land a direct hit on an enemy or when you better try to use a trick shot to surprise enemies behind the obstacles.

Thanks to the insanely good bouncing feature Hypersphere could and must be used to hit enemies on the approach, while they are still behind a corner. So if you hear that an enemy is hiding somewhere near, you could check these positions using Hyperspheres and its bouncing feature. Learn how to use various surfaces to reflect your main attack and send these little bad boys around the corner, to hit enemies that are off-sight. This skill will be incredibly useful in such a situation when almost dead enemies are escaping and hiding behind some shelters. In Overwatch there are a lot of maps with hallways and rooms and these bouncy Hyperspheres could bring a lot of chaos in the ranks of enemies that are gathering up in these rooms or trying to escape. If you are certainly sure that enemies somewhere behind the corner you could easily spam these positions. If you are familiar with the Junkrat then these primary attack projectiles will not be something strange for you.

How to hit with Accretion

Accretion is Sigma’s alternate fire, he creates a massive boulder that flies on a curve trajectory and if it hit an enemy, he will be knocked out a little and stunned for a certain amount of time. It is incredibly important to learn how to hit enemies with that slow-pacing projectile, it will stun an enemy, knock him back and deal ninety points of damage, and these are impressive numbers for every tank. The knock-back distance and stun duration directly depend on the traveled distance, the farther your projectile will fly, the farther an enemy will be knocked out and the longer he will be disabled (up to the 3 seconds).

Sigma could win almost every duel thanks to the Hyperspheres and Accretion, but everything depends on your ability to land these attacks. If you will be able to stun your nemesis with the Accretion you will make an easy target for both of your Hyperspheres, and with that simple combo, you will deal 200 damage, which is more than enough to kill any squishy hero. That damage is easily calculated – 90 Damage from the Accretion and 50×2 (100) is from two hyperspheres. Never forget that with the primary attack Sigma is releasing 2 projectiles, that could be crucial for any opponent. In the current Double Barrier meta, you should combine Sigma’s Accretion with Orisa’s Halt! It will create a perfect opportunity to land one of the strongest CC spells.