Medieval Weapons: An Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

The sword is the most popular weapon of the medieval age because it “gives hope that skill can triumph over brute force,” as military historian Mike Loades says. The sword takes skill to craft as well as skill to wield. Although we’ve long passed the age of sword fights, well-crafted medieval weapons are still popular for collectors. 

However, buying a sword can be overwhelming.

What kind do you get? What style is best? And how do you make sure you’re getting your money’s worth? 

If you love history, fantasy, or even just pointy things, these questions might have made you hesitate when you consider buying a sword. Well, hesitate no more. Read on to learn all about sword buying! 

What Kind of Sword Are You Looking For?

There are two basic classes of swords to consider.

The first is decorative swords, which are made to look good. They’re usually made from stainless steel and require little maintenance. However, they’re not made to hit anything. 

You can hang, frame, or display a decorative sword to show your enthusiasm. They make a great conversation starter and charming home decor. 

The second class of swords is functional swords. These swords are forged from high carbon steel. This means they’ll require cleaning, as rust can form.

Functional swords are meant for hitting. These swords are best used for reenacting and martial arts. You can choose sharpened or unsharpened for your sword. 

Medieval Weapons Prices

Usually, functional swords are more expensive than decorative swords because durability is a concern. Decorative swords lack structural integrity but make up for it with aesthetic value. Function swords have both, and this is reflected in the price. 

Decorative swords can range from $15 to $900, depending on the manufacturer. Functional swords start at about $50, and can go up to $2,000 for top-of-the-line models!

What Other Weapons Are Available?

Of course, the medieval ages weren’t limited to swords. They also used maces, axes, bows, daggers, shields, and more! 

If you’re a collector, you can purchase replica medieval weapons and armor of any kind! Find more here to browse the available options. 

Choose According to Your Interests 

Medieval is an umbrella term that encompasses many different cultures, styles, and weapons. Each culture had a different aesthetic and they discovered different ways to fight. Their weapons of choice reflect their different battle strategies.

For example, the Japanese katana is thin with a curved edge so it is more effective on horseback, allowing for a clean downward slicing motion. Traditional European swords lacked this delicate curve, as their warriors were mostly on foot and used them for stabbing and hacking motions. 

The broad range of weapons available allows you to choose from any culture you want. Perhaps you want to honor your Viking heritage with a runic blade. Or maybe you want a replica of a blade that reminds you of your favorite video game.

Whatever your interests are, you’re sure to find a blade that suits you.

Invest in Beautiful Medieval Weapons Today

Now that you have a bit of a basis for the wide world of medieval weapons, hopefully, you’ll consider starting a collection or buying a decorative piece for your home. They can be as functional or aesthetic as you want, and you can choose the perfect piece for your interests and style.

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