We have a variety of marked playing cards that are made or marked by both traditional as well as the newest technologies available. To name a few we have the below two marked playing cards available with us:

  1. Ultimate Marked Poker Playing Cards: These cards are made by traditional methods that have been used by people from long back. These are formed by a few marks here and there, thus they are visible to naked eyes. Some of the methods it includes are Block-out(blocking the pattern using a coloured pen similar to that of the back of card), Tinting(marking the pattern of the card by coloured pen just to create a colour difference), Cut-out(removing or adding something into the card or even the pattern)
  2. Infra-red Marked Poker Playing Cards: These are formed by marking their back or white edges by invisible ink or luminous ink. Thus they are not visible to the naked eyes, earning themselves the name of Invisible Ink Marked Playing Cards. You can buy them from invisible ink marked cards for sale.

Now, the first type of marked cards that are ultimate playing cards does not need any kind of device to see the markings on it because they can be seen from naked eyes.

On the very another hand, we have the infrared marked poker playing cards or the invisible ink marked playing cards, these cards have invisible markings on them which can only be seen through specialised lenses called as IR or the UV lenses i.e., one with the blockage towards UV radiation.

IR and UV are the short forms of infrared and ultraviolet. The infrared contact lenses for marked cards and ultraviolet contact lenses are distinctively made and used for detecting the Invisible marks or the luminous ink marks on the back of the playing cards. These marks as the name suggests are not visible to the naked eyes. With our combined effort over the years finally, very sophisticated technology and laser dying were used together to form the IR and UV contact lenses. Use with utmost care to prevent your eye.

How can a person bring in use and keep the maintenance of these UV or IR contact lenses?

Many of the users or people using it make a mistake that to keep these contact lenses preserved we just have to soak them in the corrective solution the full long day. people should prefer soaking them in your raphide water over soaking them in the clear solution for all day. The main reason behind not putting them into the corrective solution for a long period of time is to prevent the damaging of the lenses through any kind of cracks in it. They should be put into their solution only sometime before you put them on.

These UV and power contact lenses are available at our site on a very reasonable and logical price range and for time being they are on sale for you to buy and present a show knowing you will be a definite showstopper!