How Top Brands Are Using Instagram

Are you interested in seeing how top brands are using Instagram? You will be surprised at how effective social media marketing and paid advertising can be on IG. To learn more about the process, be sure to read through all of the useful content in the article below. Once doing so, you will then discover some tips and tricks that will help you take your brand’s presence to the next level.

As we all know, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms today, and it’s no surprise. After all, it’s the second most popular social media site after Facebook. Through the use of these two platforms along, one can quickly grow their Instagram following in a matter of days with the right marketing methods in place.

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Marketing strategies

As an ecommerce business, you should focus on building an audience and creating visual identity through Instagram. The visual format and high user engagement make Instagram a valuable platform to showcase your products. Also, keep in mind that users of Instagram are more engaged than the average social media user. However, engagement levels are decreasing in comparison to Facebook and Twitter. In addition to this, you should add high-traffic keywords to your bio.

To create an effective Instagram marketing strategy, you should first understand the Instagram newsfeed algorithm. The algorithm was introduced in 2016. Since then, it has evolved, and users are no longer interested in reading posts from their friends or followers in a chronological order. That is why your strategy should be based on the latest trends in the platform. Listed below are marketing strategies for top brands using Instagram. Once you understand the algorithm, you can plan your strategy accordingly.


Considering how top brands use hashtags? Here are some tips on how to use the social network. First, remember that hashtags can be confusing. They may be interpreted as something completely different by someone who is not familiar with your niche. For example, if you’re selling car insurance, don’t use #carinsurance. Your competitors may use the same hashtag, but they won’t attract your audience. Secondly, consider your audience. The hashtags you use need to appeal to your audience wherever they are.

If your hashtags are not performing well, it’s likely that no one is looking for it. The Instagram algorithm sorts posts based on how many impressions they receive and whether they’re relevant to the user’s interests. If your hashtags are performing well, your posts will appear in the top hashtag tab. Regardless of which hashtags you use, your posts should be timely and relevant to their audience. Once you’ve optimized your hashtags, you can focus on creating content that resonates with your audience.


In the world of social media, you’ve probably noticed how many top brands are incorporating IGTV in their marketing strategy. Instead of broadcasting your CEO’s message to prospects, they’re watching videos created by your employees and getting more relevant content from them. This type of content can increase your audience engagement by five or more times and result in an increased conversion rate of up to 25 percent. Regardless of your business’s target audience, you can take advantage of IGTV to increase your brand’s visibility and increase your bottom line.

IGTV offers an opportunity to build transparency into your brand, which is essential for marketing. By making your brand appear more human, viewers will feel more connected to your brand. Trust is key when it comes to marketing and sales. Luckily, this is becoming the norm in the world of social media. And now you can take advantage of it, too. Here are some ways to make your IGTV video stand out from the rest.

Instagram Stories

One of the best things about Instagram Stories is that they can be used to build anticipation for an upcoming event or action. Just like a marketing funnel, these stories encourage viewers to progress through the story and then purchase. For example, if a customer views your Story and finds it interesting, they might swipe up to read the entire article. Using swipe ups to encourage progression, these stories are a great way to boost traffic to your website and increase sales. Just as important as stories, is using trending hashtags on Instagram to increase how often your site ranks in their search results.

One brand that has been experimenting with Instagram Stories is Sephora. The international retailer of beauty and personal care products has a following of over 20 million. Sephora uses their Instagram account to share educational content and collaborate with influencers to attract new audiences. They also use the feature to promote upcoming offers and rewards programs. They also use the stories to showcase new products and generate excitement among users, which in turn inspires them to purchase.

Location targeting

If you want to reach local customers with your advertising campaign, Instagram’s location targeting feature can be extremely useful. You can target local users with ads by using the location of their phone or by using the hashtags they are currently using. For example, if you’re promoting a new store location, you could make an ad targeting people within 10 miles of the store location. Or if you’re looking to attract new job applicants, you could target users nearby.

Regardless of your business model, Facebook advertising offers a number of benefits, including the ability to target by location and language. However, most businesses should leave this setting blank and stick to targeting users by interests and behavior. Instagram’s location targeting feature also makes it easy to find customers in specific places and contact them directly. The popularity of this feature means that you can reach many more potential customers with your ad.

Targeting your audience and making sure you are growing your follower count on a daily basis is extremely important. Use all of the working methods and recommended tools in this article to get started today.