The biggest push in recent years in the world of sports hasn’t been in a familiar space for many, as it is instead a big push in the direction of esports that has taken many by surprise. As early as a decade ago, it was still a relatively unknown feature to many as more of a niche interest only found familiar by those participating or those most aware but has quickly become a household name with the biggest teams and players likening to the sports stars of more traditional offerings. This change has also spurred the growth of the online esports betting market too as more familiarity is offered, but how can you ensure you’re winning big in esports?

Picking the right game ­– The big three games in the space are Counter-Strike, DotA2, and League of Legends, but aren’t the only games in the esports space as many others are starting to rise in popularity too along with titles that offer something for a wider audience such as FIFA and the NBA, which have brought even traditional sporting fans across. To make sound bets is to understand the nuance of the game, a such picking the right game to bet on is important, which requires some time and some research or insider knowledge – with many of the games on offer being free to access too, there’s certainly an opportunity to gain all of those things to start winning.

Using the statistics – Much like in regular sporting options, technology has allowed for a wealth of data to be gathered on the individual players over their time in the sport as well as the teams and the history of results both against new opponents and old – some even breaking down statistics to the very minute details. Using these stats to your advantage to your advantage will certainly give you a big leg up, but also help something outlined in the first point – it allows for a better understanding of the nuances of the games being played and the underlying reasons why results happen in the way that they do and can certainly help to influence your betting future.

One thing that has become certain is that esports will continue to grow, with many expectations that it will quickly overtake and surpass what can be offered by regular sporting, and with hundreds of millions of unique viewers and growing year on year, the outlook is certainly looking great – the next step will be bringing a new demographic that had been otherwise resistant to the change, by offering either a growing number of services or a wider market has certainly been successful this far, and will likely to continue to be moving forward too.