You gaze in horror as you pull your new blue shirt out of the wash. There are discolored blotches all over it. When washing color t-shirts, you have to be 100 percent sure that you don’t use bleach. 

Bleach isn’t the only thing that will wreck a good shirt. While putting your clothes in the dryer is convenient, the heat will do some damage. In some cases, it’s better to wash your shirts by hand. 

We know, doing something as simple as your laundry shouldn’t be so complicated. We can walk you through getting the chore done the right way. Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of washing color t-shirts. 

Turn Your Shirts Inside Out

We know you want to be finished with your laundry as soon as possible, but taking a few minutes to turn a color t-shirt inside out will make a huge difference. 

You see, when you close the lid to your washer and turn it on, it uses a little unnecessary force to shake out all the dirt and sweat trapped within your clothing.

While this extra force won’t do much damage at first, over time, the stress can fade the colors on the side of the shirt that’s taking the brunt of it. It can also destroy logos and graphics unless you turn the shirt inside out. 

Use the Cold Cycle 

From a young age, it gets beaten into our heads that heat equals clean. If you wash your Jasper Holland tops in cool water, there’s no way that it will work out the stains, or will it? 

Truth be told, hot water is mainly used for disinfecting purposes. Unless you’re washing your bathroom towels and reusable baby diapers, it doesn’t make much of a difference.

Using hot water will fade the colors in your shirts and wreck the graphics. It can even cause your favorite tops to shrink! Instead of lifting stains out of the fabric, the hot water will cause them to set in deeper. 

If you pull your white t-shirt out of the wash after cleaning it in hot water, expect it to be pink if you accidentally tossed it in with one of your red tops. Heat makes colors bleed. 

Washing with cold water doesn’t only save your clothes. It can also take some stress off your piggy bank. The less you use your hot water heater, the cheaper your electric bill will be. 

Be Wary of Bleach and Stain Removers

When you get a stain on your shirt, bleach is not the answer to get it out. Not only does it cause colored tops to turn a hideous yellow color, but it also puts a strain on the adhesive that’s keeping the graphics on your shirt. 

Even though stain removers are made to get rid of red sauces and coffee spills, you still have to be careful with them. If you look, you’ll notice the color t-shirts washing guide on the back of the packaging will tell you to test the product on a small section of the fabric first. 

The harsh chemicals could have a bad effect on the color of the shirt. Like bleach, it also doesn’t do the graphics any favors.  

Wash Your Like Clothes Together 

When you were little, your parents most likely told you to separate your colored and white clothes instead of throwing everything in the wash at once. Separating your clothes isn’t a bad idea, and it’s not for the reasons that you may think. 

It is true that you shouldn’t put your red shirt in with one of your white ones. The colors may bleed and ruin everything. That’s not the only reason why you shouldn’t put them in together, though.

Let’s say that the white top is a sweater while the red one is a regular old t-shirt. The coarse texture of the sweater will wear on the shirt. Not only will that put holes in your red shirt, but it can also scratch off logos and graphics. 

The Dryer Is Not Your Friend

When your stuff is done washing, it’s time to throw it in the dryer, right? You would be wrong. Again, heat and clothes are not a good combination. 

Even a low heat cycle will fade the colors in your favorite t-shirts. You can throw your bedding and towels in the dryer, but that’s about it. 

All your other clothes should go out on a line. Make sure that you don’t hang your shirts where they’re in the direct path of the sun. The harsh UV rays will fade colors and cause the logos on your tops to crack and fall apart. 

If you live in an area where you don’t see enough sunny days to put your clothes outside, that’s alright. You can hang your shirts and pants in the bathroom as well. 

If you go this route, put your clothes in the bathroom well before or after you take a shower. Otherwise, the humidity will make it difficult for them to dry. 

Washing by Hand

In some cases, it’s better to wash your shirts by hand. To do this, fill up a sink with cool water. Add a few drops of detergent into the mix before you toss your shirts in. 

Use your hands as a washing machine by swirling the t-shirts around in the soapy water. When you’re done, allow the shirts to soak for about ten minutes before your rinse them with cold water. 

Get Your Color T-Shirts Clean the Right Way 

Are you tired of pulling faded color t-shirts out of the wash? Stop the problem in its tracks by following along with the instructions that you’ve read here today. 

By taking heat out of the equation and watching what products you use, your tops won’t be the only thing in your wardrobe that will last longer. All your clothes will benefit. Change up how you wash clothes and see the difference. 

For more tips that will help you keep all your clothing in tip-top shape, visit the Fashion section of our blog.