How to Prepare For a Job Interview

Did you know that an interviewee has about 7 seconds to make a good impression? This is a short timeframe, but preparing for a job interview beforehand can ensure that you look outstanding to hiring teams.

Here, we’re going to give you some expert tips on how to do a bang-up job on your next interview. Read on to ensure that your dream job doesn’t pass you up.

Get a Professional Outfit

First impressions are extremely important at job interviews. Employers form judgements about potential job candidates within just a few seconds. If you look sloppy and aren’t well-put-together, you run the risk of being dismissed in the hiring team’s minds before you even speak.

For gentlemen, this usually means a well-pressed suit with a blazer and tie. Ladies should wear a classy dress or blouse/pencil skirt combo. A power suit also works well for women who want to exude immediate authority.

In addition to making you appear professional and reputable, dressing for success also boosts your confidence. You’ll feel more qualified for the position you’re interviewing for when you dress for the job you want. This will bolster not just your image but your workplace persona and reliability.

Do Your Research

Once you know what you’re going to wear, it’s time to research common interview questions. Make sure that you look up questions in the field of your potential job. While generic questions that you find on a Google search can be helpful, nothing beats a question list for those who are candidates for similar jobs to the one you’re applying for.

Make sure that you dig deep for the more obscure questions that interviewers tend to ask. It isn’t only going to be a chance for you to talk about the things you’ll bring to the company. Some interviewers ask really weird questions like whether or not you prefer Chinese food or Italian pasta, so bring your A-game.

Update Your Resume and Cover Letter

Next, you’ll need to update both your resume and your CV. Hire professional resume writing services to make this an easier process and to get the best possible effect. These experts can help you to structure your accomplishments in an easy-to-read format that appeals to employers.

Make sure that you look over your resume and cover letter before printing a copy to take to the interview. You can’t have any typos on it- they’re the verbal equivalent of showing up to the interview in jeans. Also, be sure to add recent awards and accomplishments to the resume that you may not have had in previous job applications.

Practice With a Friend

When all is said and done, sit down and practice the interview questions that you’ve found with a friend. This will give you the opportunity to construct verbal answers so you’ll be less on the spot during the interview. You can have this same friend revise your resume to catch any typos that you might have missed.

It’s best if this friend is in the same occupation as you so they can judge your answers adequately. However, if this isn’t an option, anyone will be able to ask you questions.

Have an Awesome Job Interview Experience

Now that you know how to prepare for a job interview, it’s time to learn more about professionalism and making a good first impression. Check out the ‘education’ tab on our home page to learn how you can appear more educated and professional. Get ready for an awesome interview- we look forward to seeing you in the working world!