How To Clean a Pellet Grill


Are you preparing to clean your pellet grill? Have you called in the fire brigade yet?

Although a grill should last at least ten years, it’s a good idea to clean it every couple of months. That way, you maintain optimal performance and a safe cooking environment. And, as seasoned griller fans know, you’ll find nothing less enjoyable than a dirty, gunky grill. Not every grill is built alike.

So check out the below guide for how to clean a pellet grill.

Preparing the Supplies You’ll Need

The first thing you will need in cleaning a pellet grill is to gather some supplies. You will need a putty knife, a wire brush, a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment, a small paintbrush, and some elbow grease or degreaser. You will also need to have a place to put all the dirt and debris that you will be cleaning out of your grill.

A small garbage can or a bucket will do nicely. But remember that there are things you have to avoid in cleaning your grill.  Avoid using water inside your smoker. Some of the pellet grills have metal components inside them that can rust.

Avoid this and only use water once you remove the grates. Also, avoid abrasive brushes. Do not use the grill with brushes with wire bristles.

They can damage the protective coating layer on your grates and become rusted. These bristles may also chip off and might be ended up getting a strand of wire stuck in someone’s throat

Disassembling Pellet Grill Before Cleaning

This is how to clean a pellet grill after preparing the things you need, first, it is important to disassemble the grill. Take the grill apart piece by piece, being careful not to lose any small pieces. This will help to ensure that all parts of the grill are properly cleaned.

To disassemble the grill, first, remove the hopper. Next, remove the grate and the fire pot. Finally, remove the auger, the baffle plate, and sensors. With the grill disassembled, it is now time to start pellet grill cleaning.

Cleaning the Hopper

The hopper is the box that stores the pellets. It is important to keep the hopper clean so that the pellets do not get jammed in the auger which is the device that feeds the pellets to the fire. To clean the hopper, first, remove it from the smoker.

Then, using a brush and a vacuum cleaner with the hose attachment, remove any pellets and debris from the hopper. Next, use a damp cloth to wipe down the inside of the hopper. Finally, vacuum out the pellet chute with the part of the hopper that the pellets fall into to remove any debris that might be preventing the pellets from feeding properly.

Cleaning the Grates

The grate is the part of the grill that the food is usually placed on. It is the only part of the grill that comes in direct contact with the food. To clean the grates on a pellet grill, first, soak them in a bucket of water and degreaser mixture for about an hour.

Next, scrub the grates with a brush to remove any food or grease that may be stuck on them. Finally, rinse the grates with clean water and dry them with a paper towel.

Cleaning the Burn Pot

The burn pot is where the pellets are normally burned and it can become caked with debris. To clean the burn pot, first, remove any ash and debris that has accumulated on the pot. Then, use a stiff brush or wire brush to scrub the inside of the pot, being sure to remove any stubborn buildup.

Finally, rinse the pot with warm water and dry it completely before using it again.

Cleaning the Temperature Sensor

To clean the temperature sensor on your pellet grill, first, remove the grill grates and heat deflector. Then, using a soft brush or cloth, clean the sensor probe and wire connection points. If the sensor is extremely dirty, you may need to use a mild cleanser or rubbing alcohol.

Be sure to dry the sensor completely before reassembling your grill.

Putting it All Back Together

After cleaning the parts, the next step would be to reassemble them. This is a relatively easy process, but there are a few key things to keep in mind. First, make sure that all the parts are dry before you start to put them back together.

If any of the parts are wet, it could cause the grill to rust. Second, be sure to put the pellet grill back together in the same order that you took it apart. This will make it easier to remember where each piece goes.

Finally, make sure that all the screws and bolts are tightened before you use the grill. This will ensure that it is safe to use. Finally, you will want to clean the outside of the grill.

Use a soft cloth to remove any debris or fingerprints. That way, when you are done, you maintain optimal performance and a safe cooking environment. There are many different grills out there, and you can see this full review of them here and find out their difference.

How to Clean a Pellet Grill

A pellet grill is a great way to cook your food. The benefits of a clean pellet grill are many. Your food will taste better, the pellet grill will last longer, and you will save money in the long run.

Be sure to clean your grill regularly to prevent build-up and extend its lifespan. That’s it!

This is how to clean a pellet grill. Your grill is clean and ready to use. Happy grilling!

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