How to Become a Photographer

Do you want to land a dream job and become a photographer?

If so, you came to the right place!

Since the turn of the century, photography employment has burst onto the scene. The sector has highly benefitted from the internet. Websites and social media platforms were vital to the sector’s growth.

There are now more than 41,000 professional photographers in the US. And since there are so many benefits in a photography career, that number is predicted to grow.

But how can you put your name forward and help it grow?

Keep reading until the end to find out!

Educate Yourself

With so many people bidding to be the next Ansel Adams, you need to set yourself above the rest. The best place to start is by educating yourself.

Due to the global pandemic, education has changed in almost every sector. And that’s no different for photography.

Online courses have become the norm and offer a lot of benefits over a 4-year university degree. The courses are more affordable and start at only $200. You can also work full time while studying and some courses last only 6-10 weeks.

Choose the Right Equipment

I’m sure you know the famous quote by Emmert Wolf, “A man is only as good as his tools” Well, it’s true in photography.

You will quickly realize that photography equipment is pricey. One of the best photographer tips while starting is to buy quality second-hand gear. Avoid cheap new equipment.

Everyone is different, so you need to experiment with what camera and lenses suit you. But one thing that everyone needs starting is a dual camera strap.

Build Your Portfolio

Having a portfolio is essential in the photography business. It is your CV that you can show off to employers.

The easiest and cheapest place to start is with social media. Instagram is free, and it allows you to build a portfolio, and it’s also a place to show off your work. Someone in the industry might come across your work, and you can start to build relationships.

Once that’s finished, it’s time to set up your website. WordPress and Wix offer free plans where you can get started. You can display your entire range of photos and allow people to buy them and start making some money!

Sell Images Online

When starting, it’s hard to drive a lot of traffic to your website since you’re not well known. But a great way to sell pictures and promote yourself for free is by selling your images online.

You can do this on stock footage websites where you have access to millions of customers. The market will generate over four billion dollars by 2023, showing how in demand these websites are.

Popular websites where you can sell images are Shutterstock, Getty Images, and PicFair.

Search for an Internship

Internships are used to gain experience in a working environment. Here you will work alongside professional photographers and gain valuable insights.

Along with learning photography tips, you’ll develop relationships with professionals. And learn how to deal with clients and how a photography business runs.

Become a Photographer

Photography is one of the most rewarding jobs on the market today. And now you know how to become a photographer, you can start working your way towards the 41,600 in the US.

But to get a head start and begin learning photography tips today, continue reading our blog for free!