How does God look at Our Prayers?

So often, we are inclined to believe that the only answer God can provide our prayer, such as online prayer request, is “yes.” We need to remember that “no” is an answer additionally. “No” is definitely a response of love for our Heavenly God when we do ask Him for points that are not truly for our excellent or His glory. He will not give us always what we do want; He offers us the things we need. Equally, as a good mom and dad do not give all the requests of his child, God does not address every request in the way we desire.

When we remember “unanswered” prayer, it is that we don’t know the method in which God answers our demands. He might not approve an instant answer, and occasionally our prayers are responded to in a way that we fail to identify. We pray for success, as well as occasionally; financial tension is given. But our hearts are made stronger for the examination. We pray for wellness, as well as the affliction is given, as well as we are better able to have compassion with those in affliction. God makes indisputable; however, at times, we may examine His knowledge.

Our intention for making a demand for God should be pure. If your prayer is self-indulgent, concerned with the gratification of your very own needs, God cannot, in loyalty, give your demands. James stated, “When you ask, you do not receive, since you ask with wrong objectives, that you may spend what you hop on your enjoyments.”

Maybe you wish a person close to you, as well as you have actually not seen any kind of adjustments. God can overcome your petitions to soften a heart or to cause conditions to draw those for whom you are hoping closer to Him. Nevertheless, God has actually offered the guy a free choice. If your prayers are not always addressed as you expect, it is not because God is not operating in the situation. It may be that the person for whom you are praying has not yet replied to God’s call.