Here’s Your Free Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

Is your home in good shape? If you’re not sure whether or not your house could use some home maintenance activities to ensure that all components are working properly, you need to check them out as soon as possible.

This can prevent you from dealing with anything serious further down the line. Otherwise, you’ll spend a bunch of money on things that you could’ve prevented.

Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you need to know about creating or updating a home maintenance yearly checklist to keep on hand.

Spring Cleaning and Decluttering

As the weather begins to warm and the days get longer, many of us start to feel the urge to declutter and do routine maintenance of our homes.

Start with the obvious areas that need attention such as the kitchen and bathroom. These are the rooms that get the most use and can quickly become cluttered and dirty.

Check if you need to change your furnace filter and vacuum all the vents in your home. Then, move on to deep-cleaning your carpets and furniture.  After that, polish all the hard surfaces in your home and clean the windows.

Once you’ve tackled the main areas of your home, move on to decluttering your wardrobe, closets, and drawers. Be brutal when it comes to purging your belongings. If you have young children, consider making decluttering and cleaning a fun game that they can help with.

Heavy-Duty Cleaning and Projects

When doing household maintenance with heavy-duty cleaning, start outside and work your way in.

First, pressure washes the exterior of your home and any decks or patios. Then, clean all your gutters and downspouts. Once that’s done, you can move inside and start on the windows.

You may visit this link to know more about updating or improving the exterior of your home:

While you’re cleaning, take a look around for any repair or maintenance needs. Check for roof leaks, cracks in the foundation, caulking around windows and doors, and loose handrails. Make a list of anything that needs to be addressed so you can tackle it during the warmer months.

Checking and Replacing Home Systems

Your annual home maintenance checklist should include checking and replacing your home’s systems. This is important because these are what keep your home running smoothly and efficiently.

Some of the things you should check and replace include your home’s HVAC system, your plumbing system, and your electrical system. Checking and replacing these things regularly will help to ensure that your home is always in good working condition.

Preparing Your Home Maintenance Yearly Checklist

It’s important to maintain your home so that it lasts for years to come! Make sure your it is in tip-top shape this year with this handy home maintenance yearly checklist we have shared with you.

From Spring cleaning to checking the roof for leaks, this list has everything you need to keep your home in top condition. So get started today and enjoy your worry-free home all year long!

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