Great Prices and Great Service

If you’re looking at these reviews, you’ve probably already seen that kitchen works has tons of Cuisinart food processor parts, that you can replace parts from tons of model types, and that the prices are great. All these things are true, but they are not what I’m here to talk about today.

I want to talk about Kitchen Works’ return policy.

Earlier this year, I ordered a new lid for my food processor bowl. My processor is several years old and the lid has gotten worn down with time. It’s even worked a little bit thanks to the time my daughter left it in the trunk of the car during a massive heat wave (thanks honey). The rest of my machine works fine for being as old as it is, but the lid was getting to the point that I couldn’t really use it effectively anymore. So, I popped in a search online for Cuisinart food replacement parts, Kitchen Works won me over with their product offerings and prices just like everybody else, and I placed my order for a new lid.

Literally the night before my new lid arrived was my birthday. We had a very small, quarantine-friendly celebration that culminated with my husband and daughter presenting me with a brand new food processor! I was honestly so excited that I forgot about the lid I had ordered, which made it a shock to me when it arrived.

I knew right away I was going to return it, even though the new air conditioning repair service farragut tn was in great condition and looked like it would fit my old machine just fine. I emailed the customer service team at Kitchen Works and they were very helpful and friendly! They told me everything I needed to do to ship back the lid, and they directed me to their return policy on their website so I could reference it later if necessary. 

I shipped the product back and got a full refund (minus shipping costs). The refund even arrived quickly in my account! I was so pleased with the professional and customer-centric way they handled my problem that I actually used my refund to buy a colorful bakeware set from Kitchen Works instead (call it a birthday gift to myself).

These days, too many companies (especially internet retailers) can easily ignore customer questions or complaints and put their profit above their customer service. I was so delighted see that Kitchen Works has not fallen into this trap, and that they are delivering the same friendly customer service to people across the country like me that they would to people in their local store. Thank you for all your help, and know that I will be back here again the moment I need a replacement part for my new food processor or even a new set of themed cookie cutters.