Enhanced Clothing Returns Management: What Is It All About?

Returns are one of the biggest concerns for every eCommerce business, but fashion businesses continue to be the most affected industry. Different factors such as poor-fitting, inflated expectations of customers, bracket shopping, and more contribute to the high return rates. This kind of return rate can make it difficult for a fashion retailer to sustain their business. 

However, businesses are putting in enhanced efforts to determine ways about how to reduce returns in eCommerce, and most fashion retailers have been successful in reducing the return rates by deploying different strategies. Therefore, let us look at some of these tried and tested strategies that have helped fashion brands reduce returns.

Effective Factors To Reduce Returns On Clothing

  1. Enhancing Product Clarity: The first thing that all fashion brands need to keep in mind is providing customers with a detailed and clear description of the product. One must ensure that the customer has access to all the required information about the product. 

This helps customers understand the product appropriately before placing an order for the said product. Consequently, this is one of the most effective strategies for fashion brands trying to find a solution to how to reduce returns in eCommerce.

  1. Leveraging Advanced Technology: Technological advancements have revolutionized the fashion industry in many different ways. One such prevalent use of technology can be witnessed when fashion brands use augmented reality to help customers try on different fashion items before buying them. 

Customers can select any product and see how it suits them or fits them. All one needs to do is either upload a picture or provide the necessary body measurements to find the perfect fit for themselves without much hassle. This can help a lot when it comes to reducing the return rates of an online fashion retailer.

  1. Providing Customers With Extensive Sizing Information: The other effective way to reduce the return rates for an online fashion retailer is by providing customers with precise and extensive sizing information. Fashion brands need to measure all the parameters of the apparel and provide every detailed information to the customer. 

This includes everything from the length of the zipper, the size of the pockets and even the armpit distance. It is fair to say that this process can be very time-intensive and lengthy, but considering the impacts of returns on the business, this is the least that one can do to reduce the return rates by significant proportions.

  1. Adding Product Videos: The other way to reduce return rates for a fashion retail business online is by uploading videos of the product. Not just fashion retailers but even other businesses are using product video to effectively reduce the return rates. 

Furthermore, product videos are also helpful in enhancing the conversion rates because this helps customers to better visualize the product. There is no need to spend a lot of resources in making videos, as even a simple video with a 360-degree view of the product is enough.                

Final Thoughts

Returns can be very bad for almost any type of business, but leveraging the aforementioned tactics can help a fashion retailer reduce their return rates with ease. Therefore, keep these tactics in mind when thinking of how to reduce returns in eCommerce.