Dry erase boards vs Wet erase boards

A dry erase board is a glossy board usually of white surface for non-permanent markings. Dry erase boards are also called as white boards, marker boards, dry-erase boards, wipe boards, dry wipe boards and pen boards. There are so many varieties of boards in the market; it is advisable to source it from a reputed stockists and supplier of dry erase boards

Wet erase and dry erase

Wet erase markers are mad of water soluble dyes and are used on acetate, film or non-porous laminated surface. Wet erase markers can be wiped clean only with a damp cloth. Dry erase markers erase easily with a dry sponge or cloth on non-porous surface like whiteboards, porcelain, melamine and glass.

Wet erase versus Dry erase

Markers are a convenient way to convey a message on surface. They have a wide use in food establishment and such. They produce bold dark print not achievable by pencils, pen or even chalk on most surfaces.

Wet erase marker and dry erase marker may look similar, but have different applications. Wet markers are designed for long lasting print whereas dry markers can easily be removed and updated.

Wet Erase Markers

  • Made of water soluble dyes and can be removed with a damp cloth
  • Paste based ink that makes semi-permanent marking
  • Heat resistant markers that do not fade or bubble when used on illuminated boards

Dry  Erase Markers

  • These markers are made of alcohol based ink for easy removal
  • Easy to wipe clean, ideal for class room lectures
  • Can be erased with dry eraser.

Magnetic White boards

Magnetic white boards can be used like a tack board, is very versatile and can be used for a variety of different functions in the office environment. Magnetic white boards can enhance the presentation with more visual presentation added to it. One can add graphics, charts pictures, flash cards along with the function of dry boards to make a lively presentation. Porcelain surfaces which are baked into steel substrate are magnetic. For glass board additional background reinforcement is needed to make it magnetic.

Maintenance of a white board

A white board is called so as it offers a continuous white surface. If not properly cleaned the white board loses its freshness and attractiveness.  And this is not just in the erasing. Here are a few tips in proper white board maintenance.

  • The first point to note is to follow the maintenance instructions.
  • Just erasing will not keep the board clean. After some time the board will not look clean and needs to be cleaned with the recommended method and recommended solution.
  • Improper erasing leaves some deposits causing differences in gloss and this leaves to ghosts on the whiteboard. This can be rectified by wiping with a cloth dipped in a mix of isopropyl alcohol and water.
  • Permanent marker stains also can be removed with proper organic solvent and dry eraser.