DIY Solar Panels: 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

Going green is one of the biggest trends right now and for good reason. Saving the environment by using renewable sources of energy is something that helps all of us.

As a homeowner, going green and saving money on your energy bills is something that can be done easily and without a ton of work. But, what if you’re thinking about making your solar panels?

DIY Solar Panels can be a great way to cut down on the costs of your energy bill. However, it is not advisable to do your DIY solar panels. Read on and understand why.

  1. You’ll Have a Risk of Starting a Fire

You might be surprised to learn that one of the dangers of DIY solar panels is the risk of starting a fire. This is because when you work with electricity, there is always the potential for shorts and sparks.

If you’re not careful, these could easily ignite something in your home. Even if you follow all the instructions carefully, there is still a risk of electrocution or fire.

  1. Installing Solar Panels the Wrong Way

Solar panels are a big investment, and you want to make sure that you get the most out of them by having them installed correctly. Unfortunately, if you try to install them yourself, you could void the warranties on the panels. That’s because most manufacturers require that their panels be installed by a certified professional.

If something goes wrong with the installation, the manufacturer may not be liable. So, while it may seem like a good idea to save some money by installing the panels yourself, it’s really in your best interest to hire a professional. Otherwise, you could end up wasting a lot of money in the long run.

  1. You’ll End Up With Injuries

Another reason why you might not want to install your solar panels is that they can be very heavy. Working with solar panels requires special training and safety equipment.

If you don’t have the proper equipment to handle the panels, you could end up injuring yourself.  It’s simply not worth the risk to try to DIY solar panels.

  1. A Solar System Isn’t As Simple As You Think

It’s important to make sure that you understand all of the potential risks and benefits before making any decisions. One of the biggest reasons why you shouldn’t try to DIY your solar panel system is that it’s just not as simple as it seems.

There are a lot of intricacies involved in solar panel systems. Unless you’re an experienced electrician or solar panel installer, you could end up making a mistake that could be very costly.

  1. You Don’t Have the Proper Licenses

Authorities have raided several homes of do-it-yourself solar panel builders, confiscating their equipment and giving them cease-and-desist orders. The reason? These individuals did not have the proper licenses to build solar panels.

Building a solar panel requires a special license, as well as a permit from the local utility company. Without these things in place, individuals are breaking the law and could be subject to hefty fines.

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Avoid DIY Solar Panels and Play Safe

Assembling your solar panel or doing DIY solar panels can be very dangerous. Solar panels are made up of many delicate parts that can be easily damaged. If you are not careful, you could end up causing a fire or electrocution.

It’s just not worth the risk. Save yourself the trouble and buy a solar panel from a reputable company.

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