DIY Cable Management Guide for Homeowners

The average home in the USA has 11 connected devices per person, not to mention all those extra appliances that are plugged in such as chargers in every room, because you never know when you’re going to need one.

Whether you’re struggling with messy cables that make it difficult to function or you’re trying to spruce up the look of your living space, take a look at our guide to DIY cable management hacks. Untangle your cable anxiety with these top tips.

Use Velcro Hooks and Loops

First, use Velcro or tape hooks and loops on the wall near where you’re placing a cable hanger. Doing this will make for easy organization when updating your living space later on.

For a more permanent solution, use Velcro strips and glue them on the wall. The glue will ensure that the cable doesn’t move around and prevents any accidents.

Focus On Functionality Over Appearance

Make sure you focus on functionality instead of looks when organizing your cables. Doing this will save you time and money while giving you a cleaner, more efficient room.

That said, you may decide that for some cables, using a DIY in-wall cable management system is the preferred option, particularly if you’re trying to avoid any interference from analog cabling, such as in a speaker system.

Add a Cable Hanger to Your Existing Bookshelves

An unusual but classic DIY desk cable management idea is to organize cables is with cable hangers. These hangers consist of plastic and rust-free metals, mounted on the wall or the back of your television.

They are available in different sizes and come with hooks, straps, and double straps so you can hang almost any cable in your home.

Organize Your Home With a Flat Panel Organizer

Many people use these for hanging artwork. So if you want to make space look a little more professional, use a metal wall holder to hang the cables. They’re flexible enough to allow frequent repositioning and can hang using eyelets on the mirrors.

Get Creative With Baskets and Boxes

If you want to add an aesthetic touch to your setup, getting creative is the way to go. Make a DIY cable management box and mount it on the back of your television and use it to store your cables.

These can also keep wires hidden under your desk or bed. If you aren’t sure where to keep all these useful items, creating a cable box with them is the best idea.

Use Trunking to Hide Visible Cables

If the cables have nowhere to hide, then you can also use D line cable trunking to hide cables running in visible areas. This lightweight cable comprises of plastic and is available in various colors, so choose the one that suits your decor.

Turn Your Cabling Into Artwork

Perfect for any game room, check this idea out to turn a negative into a positive, where the owner has made the setup look like a printed circuit board (PCB). If you’re going to have cables visible for one reason or another, turn it into a work of art and showcase your amazing collection of consoles and equipment!

Sometimes, the most creative and inventive DIY cable management ideas are born out of clutter and chaos!

DIY Cable Management Shouldn’t Be Messy

DIY cable management can be a real pain, but all you need are the right tools, experience, and patience. No longer will you fumble around trying to work out how to hide your cables. Sit back and enjoy that film or game stress-free!

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