Different software for playing chess online:

Chess is a game of logic with lots of strategies and tactics and it involves a lot of brain skill as well as practice. Many international chess tournaments are held across the world and it is very popular in every country. Chess game is always played on a chessboard with chess pieces and the main aim in a chess game is to eliminate the opponent’s pieces while moving across the board towards them. A piece is eliminated if it comes in the way of the opponent’s piece. The game ends when the king is gone. Each kind of piece can move only in a certain way. There are free online versions of chess games that are downloadable. These are usually trial versions and they also have attractive screens, graphics, animations, and even help and tutorial pages for learning the best moves.

Uses of software:

Chess software is not just limited to programs that allow the players to play chess against the computer and there is a program that allows the players even to plug in the moves for an already played game and do an analysis of that game. There are also software made, not to play the game but for cataloging games that have been played and annotating them. This is very popular for people who belong to online chess clubs and want to share their games with other members. Usually, this is as simple as copying and pasting the game from the software right onto the site’s message board itself. There is also chess software that will allow you to import 3rd party chess engines into the software itself. This makes it so that the player can have virtually an unlimited number of opponents to play against. These engines can be found online with instructions on how to import them into the various chess programs. Not every engine will work with every program, so it is important to read the instructions and the read me file before attempting to do this. The chess software installed in the computer acts as a tutor for the game and generates computer chess opponents at different skill levels to match their skill. This is perhaps the fastest way of learning the game as one does not have to be online to play against simulated opponents. Ultimately, the Chess game is best learned by playing it and becomes more challenging and stimulating the more the player participates in it. For more details refer https://chess-bot.com/.