Different rules for different poker games

Poker is a very popular game and you will like to play all its variants online. Some of the variants are easy to play while some are hard. You need to follow the rules of the game so that they do not lose it easily. There are many websites, which players can use to play the game and one such website is togel sgp. There are a lot of games on this website and we will know the rules in brief of all these games.

Texas Hold’em

It is a very popular game, which can be found on many websites like togel sgp. In this, game players get two hole cards and five community cards. They have to use any five cards to make the hand of highest rank.

Omaha Poker

The rules of this game are same as Texas Hold’em. There is only one difference and that is related to hole cards. In Omaha Poker, you

get four hole cards and five community cards. Players have to use two hole cards and three community cards to make a hand of highest rank.

Stud Poker

In this poker game, each player gets seven cards and they have to make a hand of five cards. Two cards are face down and five are face up. The rank of the hand should be high.


This is a game in which five games are included and these are Hold’em, Omaha, Razz, Stud, and Stud Hi/Lo. You need to know the rules of every game. If they are not familiar with the rules of a certain game, they can use the basic poker rules to play the game.


Razz is a poker variant in which players have to make the hands of lowest rank in order to win the game. Betting rounds and dealings are same as seven card stud. Razz is also known as lowball poker.

Badugi Poker

This is a game in which only four cards are used to make a hand. There are three drawing rounds and the player who makes the hands of lowest rank wins the game.

Roll Your Own

This game is similar to seven card stud but there is one difference. Players are given the options of selecting the cards, which they want to expose and which ones they want to hide.

Follow the Queen

This game is also similar to seven card stud but many twists are added to the game. Players will never know which card will be used as wild card until the exposure of the last queen.

Monterey Poker

This game is similar to the game of Roll Your Own. The difference is that players will get wild cards, which will help them in making strong hands. This will help in winning the game easily.

Sevens Take All

The game is similar to that of Seven Card Stud. In this game, one of the hands should be a pair of sevens.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the variants of poker. There are many more variants, which one can find on many websites. There is very slight difference in the rules so you can master th