Compelling Reasons to Create a Coming Soon WordPress Page


Websites are the virtual space for showcasing businesses in order to reach out to the prospects online, which is why you will need to get it done the right way. If you are planning to create an online presence, but if your website is in the construction phase, you must create a ‘Coming soon page’. It helps to build up the interest in the minds of your potential customers.

It is a special web page layout, which subtly tells the audience about what is coming, and what to expect. Even if your existing WordPress website is under maintenance, coming soon page helps to hide the actual work that is being done in the back-end.

Several small business owners or individuals feel that coming soon page is beneficial only for large organizations. Well, the fact is that anyone can use it. Coming soon WordPress page is minimalistic, but you can use it to convey the right message to the visitors. If you are still skeptical, then below mentioned points will tell you exactly why coming soon page is a great option.

Lead generation – The pre-launch pages include a subscription form. Interested visitors can submit their email contacts, and start receiving brand-related news. Several firms offer incentives like discount coupons or free case studies to attract subscribers.

SEO – Before your actual website goes live, it is necessary to take some time and optimize it correctly. Google is very severe in terms of site indexing and ranking. A credible website needs to have quality design and relevant keywords to become a search engine friendly website, before launching. Coming soon page will give you some room to optimize your web pages.

Build a reputation – Visitors’ experience is horrible when they see your developed website revealing plenty of missing elements. They vanish and never return! Therefore, never launch in a hurry just to meet a deadline. Instead, these coming soon pages can help you buy the time that is needed!

Hide construction process – Coming soon page is very attractive when compared to under construction pages. Thus, you can use it to conceal the WP site designing process.

Display launch date – It doesn’t matter, if your website construction is not completed yet. Adding a launch date keeps visitors updated. Coming soon page with countdown timer notifies visitors, as well as creates excitement and thrill.

Cross-promotion – Add your social media links to the coming soon webpage. Cross-promotion helps in creating awareness and keeps every visitor informed about your upcoming WP website.

Tips to create a coming soon page

  • Choose a premium coming soon and maintenance mode plugin.
  • Adapt customizable themes including the church, green-life, theater, sunny view, telecommunication, and more.
  • Choose templates, typography, colors and more features that are suitable for your brand.
  • Provide some mission statements like launch date, or explain the site’s purpose, or create curiosity. Keep it short, cute, and simple!
  • Choose a plugin that deals with your SEO needs, email subscription form, social media integration, and search results preview.

When you create a coming soon WP page using automation tools and plugin, make sure that you avoid some errors like launch delay. Use social media promotions, and don’t forget to collect emails. Grab this site launch opportunity as the first attempt in building online reputation and success!

If you want to make changes on an existing page with good SEO rankings, then the better alternative would be to use the temporary 302 Redirect, by using a redirect WordPress plugin.