Common SEO Myths Debunked

You might come across many rumors circulating about SEO. The reason for it is that SEO advice sometimes becomes obsolete, but that doesn’t change its basic concept, produce what is in demand. The right SEO services in Delhi will help you stay away from the SEO myths. We will make you familiar with some common myths.

Not considering smartphones

If you want to top the SEO, this is one of the most crucial factors; you must optimize your site for mobile phones; it shouldn’t face lags or weird aspect ratio problems. The Google algorithms won’t care about promoting your site if you don’t consider the vast majority of mobile users. You won’t be able to generate much organic traffic to become relevant in the search bar.

Many people access the internet via smartphones, and if you overlook them, you waste a golden opportunity for growth. Hire a Digital Marketing Agency in India to understand the importance of smartphones.

Meta description directly affects SEO

Meta descriptions are indeed essential, it can be used as a great marketing tactic, but it has no direct link with SEO. However, it may have an impact indirectly as it can convince the person to open your website. Still, if your inner content fails to grab the visitor’s attention, then your efforts in making a solid meta description will probably be vain.

It shouldn’t be considered your primary method for growth as that should be your content; it should be able to hold a person for a longer duration and make them engage with it as that is how google algorithms can promote your site.

Social media directly affects SEO

Having a good social media background can be a positive, but it does not bother the SEO directly. If you post your site’s link on your social media handle, then it might bring a lot of users from there, but that’s it. It can’t necessarily be always successful, it might be that many people don’t click the link in the first place, and the ones who do probably may not like your content.

In order words, keep your focus on the content; yes, it can gain you popularity but with no surety as everyone isn’t a celebrity.

No need for links

Links are very important to grow as the google algorithms recognize them and help in your overall growth. People also tend to interact with authentic links that lead to greater engagement. Some websites already use this trick to benefit; you can be the middle man between the consumer and the need. So never fear to use links but make sure that they are authentic as they will only ensure a better recognition. Also make your website SEO-friendly, if you are not a web professional hire any website designing company in Delhi, they will not only give aesthetic look but develop it with all SEOs parameters. 

Keywords don’t matter

It does. Although the density may not, don’t forget that keywords can be the primary source of attraction. Many people can’t afford to spend a better part of their limited time finding what they need, so better you don’t let them get irritated. Keywords should give them a clear idea of what your page is made of so that they can get satisfaction and start preferring your site over others.

SEO is cheap

It isn’t. Many top brands appoint specialists to make strategies to top their SEO. It is vital to keep yourself on the first preference list to gain some popularity; it can even be used as a marketing tactic. As for a brand, if their site comes at the top, then they will very well get the opportunity to take advantage of it, the companies are doing business for a great amount of time, and they consider spending a lot of money on SEO, so you shouldn’t consider it to be cheap.

We hope that this material could have given you some context about the myths, which you better make distance from so that you never fall for it.