Common Riot Gear Used to Protect Police

More than 100 countries have experienced significant protests since 2017. Unfortunately, far too many protests turn violent, even if they started peacefully. When this occurs, governments quickly dispatch their riot police force to control the civil unrest. 

While the riot police can control most of these protests, other protests are more complicated to manage as many protesters begin to attack the riot police. Having the right riot gear is crucial for the riot police as it protects them from serious injuries. 

Let’s take a look at some essential riot equipment every riot police officer should use. 

Riot Suits

Most riot suits protect the officers’ torsos from fire, stabs, and blunt force trauma. They are made out of flexible material that firmly fits onto the officers.

Additionally, the riot police can wear protective clothing underneath to reinforce their riot suits, making them more resistant to dangerous situations.

Riot Shields

A crucial piece of riot gear is the riot shield. It’s a lightweight circular or rectangular shield that can block projectiles and push back assailants. Most riot shields come with a strapping system that allows the officers to strap the shield onto their arms. 

Some riot shields also provide a certain degree of protection from bullets. If you need riot shields that offer a wider range of protection, be sure to check out Blueridge shields.

Riot Helmets

Protestors often throw rocks and glass bottles at police officers. That’s why riot helmets play a vital role in protecting the officer’s head and face.

This type of riot gear covers the top, back, and side of the head. Riot helmets also have transparent face shields that protect the officers from liquid-type projectiles without affecting their visibility. 

Riot Batons

Riot batons are used when civil unrest requires crowd control. They are usually made out of durable polycarbonate or wood. Lanyards allow officers to tighten riot batons onto their wrists. 

Officers use riot batons as an impact tool to jab, hit, or block unruly protestors. Riot police officers can also use this piece of riot equipment to break safety glass and windows.

Riot Gloves

As previously mentioned, the protesters may use glass bottles as a weapon against the riot police force. That’s why riot gloves are essential for protecting their hands from blows or shards. Some companies make riot gloves padded with Kevlar, allowing them to resist almost any dangerous debris. 

Using The Right Riot Gear

Unfortunately, civil unrest is becoming increasingly common and violent. You can never have a surplus of riot gear, as it’s better to be prepared for anything that can happen during a protest. And the best way to protect law enforcement is by giving them every tool needed to control a dangerous situation.  Did you find this article to be informative? If so, be sure to check out other posts on our website. Without a doubt, you’ll find one that piques your interest!