Check Select Auto Protect Reviews And Prices To Convince Yourself

Getting an extended warranty for your car is like a dream come true. because there are only certain things that the company warranty protects and only certain things that car insurance covers. And taking money from car insurance sure takes a lot of time, and it is not given on an SOS basis.

But what if you can get an extended warranty for your car with repair coverage on an SOS basis through Select Auto Protect? It is an extended warranty policy that can be purchased at the time of car purchase, or much after that. But we have to check out the review and prices and only then make a decision on buying them for the car with the right plan in mind.

Why Select Auto Protect Itself?

Getting an extended warranty from one specific company means that you need to get the pros of this purchase. What can the pros of an extended warranty from Select Auto Protect be then? Since one of its features is cost-coverage of repairs and replacements on an SOS basis, let’s understand how that works. On an SOS basis means that the money is paid directly to the repair store or the service centre of the car itself.

That means you don’t have to arrange money from elsewhere if a situation arises as such and that is exactly what you need for your car as well. apart from that, they not only pay for repairs, but also for replacement of the parts that can be repaired completely. The service contract of these extended warranty policies is also available on the website that can be reviewed for price and plans that suit your need.

Selecting The Right Plan

There are three plans available for contract: Select Silver, Select Gold and Select Platinum. The plan that you select depends on your requirement and how much coverage you are expecting from this extended warranty service. For Select Silver, only engines, transmission, cooling system, brakes, drive axle and electrical systems are looked after. Along with these, road assistance and day interruption charges are also taken care of by this service.

When you upgrade to Select Platinum, you get all the services offered in Select Silver and Select Gold along with a few extra services such as ABS brake system, AC cooling, fuel system and many more. Checking Select Auto Protect review and prices will also help you decide on which plan fits your budget the best.

The Best Service

Only the best can indeed survive in the market nowadays, even if it is extended warranty service. This company has 30 years of experience with various kinds of customers and different kinds of needs as well. The experience as well as the guarantee of being at their customer’s side is what has kept them alive in the market.

Make sure to read through the complete policy and the details of when the service can be provided before taking up the service. Also, be in contact with a good agent to ensure that you never face a loss during an actual emergency.