CBD-Pills vs Oil: What Are the Differences?

More than 60% of American adults have already tried CBD, as this all-natural product has become immensely popular in the last few years.

What was once a confusing product has now gone mainstream, thanks to the legalization in the states due to the Farm Act in 2018. CBD is completely legal, so long as it’s derived from hemp plants, which contain virtually no THC.

But once CBD is extracted from hemp, it can be made into many different final products. CBD-pills vs oil, are two of the most popular.

Wondering which one you should try, so you can start experiencing the positive benefits of CBD? Check out our CBD pills and CBD oil guide down below to find out now.

What is CBD Oil?

Looking for some CBD oil tips and insight? CBD oil is made by extracting CBD concentrate from hemp plants.

This happens in many different ways. The most common uses pressurized CO2 to absorb the hemp plants’ natural oils. The mixture of CO2 and CBD oil is then separated.

The result is a pure CBD concentrate, in the form of an oil. It’s very strong, and only a drop or two is needed at a time. The most efficient way of taking CBD oil is by placing a drop of oil directly under your tongue.

The tissue under your tongue is very thin, and after a few seconds, the oil will pass through and enter your bloodstream. This is one of the fastest ways to feel the effects of CBD.

What are CBD Pills?

Need some CBD pills tips? Here’s our CBD pills guide to outlining the pros and cons.

You can make your own CBD pills by purchasing some CBD oil and some edible pill capsules. Place a few drops of oil into the tiny capsule, close it, and swallow it with a gulp of water. You can also purchase premade pills if you’d like to avoid 10 seconds of work.

The result is a taste-free method of taking CBD. However, the process of feeling the benefits of CBD is slower because the oil is processed through your digestive system before it can enter your bloodstream.

CBD-Pills vs Oil

If you only had to choose one of these products, which should you choose? CBD oil, placed under the tongue, works much faster than swallowing a CBD pill.

So if you want the fastest, most direct product, that’s the way to go.

However, many people prefer not to have the strong taste of CBD sitting in their mouth for one to two minutes, as it absorbs through the skin. If you’re bothered by the taste, then pills are a better, yet slower option.

If you’re indifferent, then go with CBD oil, since you can use it as oil, or use it to make your own pills as well.

Finding Your Favorite CBD Products

CBD-pills vs oil, now you know the difference, and know which one you should pick up and try today. Along with these two products, there are countless other ways to take CBD.

You should consider trying many of the other products, like gummies or tinctures, to find your favorites.

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