Can e-cigarettes help me quit smoking?

E-cigarettes are chargeable devices that provide a steamed solution to breathe in. The mixture comprises nicotine. They don’t burn tobacco; they use chemicals to produce smoke. However, the goal here is to give the sensation of breathing in tobacco smoke. They are available in different shapes. Other names of e-cigarettes are vaping, e-hookahs, vapes, and some others. Some may seem like a pen. However, others may have the appearance of a USB drive. They can be categorized into quit smoking products because these products provide nicotine devoid of tobacco. Nevertheless, it is advisable not to pick any of these products without the consultation of your doctor. He or she may tell you the potential benefits and risks of the same. 

What are the risks of e-cigarettes? 

Vapes can help people to give up the habit of smoking. However, they can cause severe health conditions. People, who do not have a habit of smoking a traditional cigarette, are more prone to the health conditions caused by e-cigarettes. 

Although they are chargeable and provide nicotine without smoke, they are still harmful to you and your body. It is always wise to give up smoking, be it a traditional way and advanced way, like that of the e-hookahs. Moreover, you should avoid e-cigarettes because of the following reasons-

  • Contain mutagen (toxins)

Vaping contains various deadly chemicals other than nicotine. They may result in causing lung diseases. Some of those toxins are as follows-

  1. Benzene
  2. Propylene glycol
  3. Carcinogens
  4. Diacetyl
  • Second-hand smoke

Quit smoking products like nicotine gums, nicotine inhalers, and sprays that do not emit smoke. However, vapes comprise similar toxins like that of the usual cigarette. Its smoke can be harmful to the people sitting close to you. 

  • Impair your brain

Nicotine can affect the parts of your brain that are liable for developing concentration and learning skills. Moreover, people who use vapes are prone to have mood disorders. 

  • Nicotine: A dangerous addiction

Almost all forms of e-cigarettes comprise nicotine, and nicotine can harm your entire body adversely. It makes you addicted to it and injures your brain and its functions. Moreover, pregnant women can develop complications if they use nicotine during their gestation period. 

  • You may feel hard to give up smoking

People who use vapes as quit smoking products in-take nicotine intending to give up the use of tobacco. E-cigarettes contain nicotine like that of a usual cigarette. Therefore, in such cases, you may feel tough to abandon the intake of nicotine. 

  • You may get enticed with the advertising

The marketing strategies can make you fall for vapes. Young people may start using e-cigarettes. However, you should know that vapes are as harmful to your health as traditional cigarettes are. They harm your body and its functions. 

In conclusion, it is always a wise idea to give up the habit of smoking. At Daily Chemist, You can take the help of your healthcare provider for quitting smoking. Moreover, keep encouraging yourself to achieve your aim.