Bringing Your Chances for the best Sports Bets

This is the Asian handicap table, but there is also the European handicap, which is similar. Make a visit to the 먹튀 site for a perfect bet win now.

The advantage of betting on this market

Imagine that there is absolute zero in the center of a role and from there the houses give strength to teams or players. From scratch left the favorite, to the right the underdog. Websites calculate strengths on both sides based on a number of factors: statistics, history, public opinion, injuries, position in the table, how each fought the same teams depending on the sport.

  • The advantage of betting on the Asian handicap is that if you have a good study, inside information or something that shows you something that houses don’t see, you simply bet.
  • The best part of this is getting high quotes for the bet. Of course, simple betting on the underdog will give you a bigger financial return, but the house is offering no advantage for it.

Strategy for betting on Asian Handicap

An interesting strategy in this market is to bet during the game (live). Handicap betting during the game will value from the moment you bet, whether there is a winner or a draw in the game.

For example in that historic Brazil 1-7 Germany 2014 World Cup, even with the Germans turning the first half 5-0 on the scoreboard, we would still have the second half. Would you at halftime bet that the German team in the second half would relax or that they would go up with the same thirst?

Knowing that you can bet on that doesn’t make the game more interesting when you know about the teams and the game? Asian handicap has its own rules, and whenever a goal is scored, the line returns to the beginning (on many betting sites) and everything you bet will be valid from this point on.

This is an advantage for the inside bettor, because you can bet on the outcome of the game as if everything were 0-0 even if there were goals in the match.

Here are two examples of how you can profit by betting live on Asian handicap:

When the favorite is behind the scoreboard

Botafogo at odd 1.95 (1 × 2) vs Coritiba: June 11, Brasileirão 2017.

The bet: remember that the score returned to 0-0, so we was predicting that Botafogo would score from there and this game would end at least tied in 90 minutes. But we didn’t bet on Botafogo DP (double chance) because the odd was smaller.

The game in the 90 minutes ended 2 to 2, but from the moment of betting Botafogo “won” the game by 2 to 1. If Botafogo had lost the game in 90 minutes by 1 to 0 or any other score, we would have the bet was lost, but she would win herself with a draw.