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The game that we will discuss is a way to play the correct Sicbo gambling game, because there are some of you who don’t understand the right way to play so today we will give it all today to all of you.

Sicbo gambling game is a type of game that has been loved by many people and was once the number 1 game in casinos, because how to play it is very easy and does not require a lot of capital so everyone is more interested in choosing Sicbo gambling games than other games.

You can play this game online because now the gambling game situs judi online can be accessed at any agent so you don’t need to be afraid anymore to do this game and you don’t need to be afraid anymore to do this game, you can also save more because of the money You spend on costs to the casino you can save and you use for your capital.

Playing Sicbo

Now we want to give you all the easy ways for you to use this sicbo gambling game, you can use the method we provide below hopefully the way we provide can be useful for all of you who will read it, just let us see together how which is below.

Choose the type of bet

Before you play the game you are usually required to choose the type of bet you will play whether you want to play an odd or even game, and you can play both games so 1: 1 after you have chosen the type of game you can immediately play the game, if all The dice has been shaken and the numbers you have paired don’t come out so you will be declared defeated.

Count the Dice Number

Every time you play a gambling game you must be able to count the total number of dice from number 4 to number 17, and for payments depending on the money the players and agents you choose all depend on the dealer and dealer, usually the calculation is 6: 1 so that 50 : 1, and the prize will multiply in accordance with the prize provided by the dealer.

Looking From Single Numbers

All players have the right to choose all the numbers you have but you also have the right to choose a single number that exists like numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and number 6, the payment you will receive also depends on how often you pair with that number but if the number that comes out does not match the single number that you are pairing then it is certain that you are declared defeated, and the payment you will receive is 1: 1 but if the number you match matches 2 dice and the number that comes out on the dice then you are declared win and the payment you will receive is 2: 1, if the 3rd number of the card comes out according to your partner then it is sure you get paid 3: 1, and this single number type game is the type of game most people like.

How to play sicbo

Like that the discussion that we have given to all of you, all the discussion that we have stated above can be useful for all of you who have read this article, now we want to end this article. Thank you and good bye.