Our smartphones are indeed the most precious devices in our lives. Not only do they make our life easier, but it also helps us to successfully complete tasks while saving so much time off of our busy schedules on a daily basis. Therefore, it is extremely important that we take care of our smart devices as much as any other asset in our lives.

Ever been frustrated of your device running out of space or being filled with unnecessary aps and files and cache? Not knowing the way to get rid of all of this while allowing more space for your important files can be frustrating indeed. However, with the all new, ‘Auto Task Plugin’ app, you will now be able to experience the benefits of your smartdevice at ease and feel like your device is as good as new.

With the app, set an automatic task for Wi-Fi management, boost, cache cleaning, and do not disturb. This All-In-One Toolbox comprised of a Booster, Cleaner, Lock Plugin cannot be used alone; instead, All-In-One Toolbox must first be installed. The software is quite easy to use. Install the App Lock Plugin and All-In-One Toolbox first. For easy access, you can also install this plugin as a screen widget or create a shortcut for it in Settings. The app also comes with a range of features that you can enjoy for absolutely free on one single platform. How better can this get?

About Auto Task Plugin App

You can set auto tasks that will clean away all the unwanted cache that has been clogging up your device’s space and also send your device into the do not disturb mode where you will be able to save your battery, time, and also help speed up your smartphone like never before. Now you can finally say goodbye to your device lagging or running out of memory every time you are about to do something important. The cache cleaner will help you bet rod of all cache without even having to manually get rid of them.

The Auto booster will help boost your memory and also the speed of your device so that you will feel like your device is as good as new and super-fast. Saving your battery power will also help you to use your device for longer hours at ease and not constantly looking out for a charger to keep your device up and running.

You can also set a timer to turn on and off airplane mode to prevent interruptions. Additionally, the program aids in managing every file and folder on an external SD card. support for all fundamental file operations.

All of these apps will come to you for absolutely free all-in-one in one single platform where you do not need to go through any additional hassle. so, enjoy what is needed best for all your android devices and keep up with your device. The auto task plugin app will take care of all your device’s needs so enjoy the best!

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Install Auto Task Plugin App

You can easily install this app using AC Market app store. First download AC Market app and go to search. Then type “auto task”. You will see this application appear on search results. Select and click on “Free Download” button to install this plugin for free. AC Market app provide automatic updates. Therefore, no need to manually download and install apk files to have latest version.