At What Age Can Babies Go on Bicycle Trailers?

A baby bike trailer is a safe and convenient source for enjoying a fun bike ride with your baby. It is an excellent present for the infants who are yet so young to ride a bike themselves. Baby bike trailers give your baby a chance to explore, learn, and enjoy a whole new side of cycling. Moreover, first-rate safety features of these trailers have eradicated any risk of an accident. You can rest assured that your baby is in comfortable and safe hands while enjoying every bit of it. 

However, when it comes to safety, we would want to consider all the possible approaches to ensure maximum protection. This approach also includes whether or not your baby is old enough to ride in baby bike trailers. 

When to start with baby bike trailers?


  • The one-year rule


The one-year rule states that kids should only be allowed to participate in any biking activity once they are one year old. A kid younger than one year must not be brought along either in a bike trailer, cargo seat, or front/rear-mounted seats. The reason for the rule is simple as infants less than a year old are sensitive to any injuries or shocks. Since their spine is still in the development phase, they may have trouble supporting their head and neck. Under such conditions, going on a ride is risky as even a slight accident or external shock could prove severe for the infant.

The one-year-old is not only theoretical but valid across several cities in the U.S. However, parents can get the idea behind this rule and act upon it no matter where they reside. 


  • Wait for the baby to support its head


Speaking in the context of a more biological approach, a baby who can support its neck and head properly without the need for any secondary assistance is considered old enough to ride in baby bike trailers. With that being said, coincidentally the average age for the babies to be able to support their head is 12 months as well. In other words, we can say that a child who can sit in an upright position without requiring any additional support is ready to start riding in baby bike trailers. This is usually common among babies aged between 12 months to 18 months. You can notice that it is the same age as suggested by the one year rule and therefore we can agree with 12-months being the right age for the babies to ride in baby bike trailers.


Taking into account the above-mentioned information, we can conclude that the right age for the babies to go on bicycle trailer is at least 1 year or 12 months. However, this figure is just the starting age. Your kid can enjoy its bike trailer for the age of at most 6 years.