Are MDF Mouldings the Best Option?

You probably have a few furniture items that have MDF moldings. If yes, you already know how good are these moldings are and probably understand why many prefer MDF molding in Phoenix, Az.

Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) is a kind of engineered wood manufactured by breaking down the soft/hardwood residuals and turning them into wood fibers. They are later combined with wax and resin binder.

In simple terms, the manufacturing involves turning chipped wood into fibers and combining them with organic or synthetic resins to hold them together. Later, they are compressed into panels under high temperatures.

MDF is now getting attention from customers because of its features and ease of maintenance. Soon, they may replace standard wood in the home decor (covering/flooring) and furnishing. Meanwhile, Phoenix is known for its manufacturing sectors such as electronic products, aerospace, fabricated metal products, machinery, motor vehicles, and woodworks. And among all these sectors, wood manufacturing stands out in the city. Phoenix has many wood manufacturing businesses, but since the pandemic, the lumber supply has been decreasing tremendously, and the demand is growing, so is the price.

Though the state has enough resources (wood), there can be a shortage when situations like a pandemic or economic crisis arise. The manufacturing and construction sector alone employs 340,800 employees in the state, including the people employed in the woodwork industry.

So, MDF is mainly used in bathrooms and kitchens, but these are not the only place you can install them since cabinets, flooring, decorative projects, doors, frames, etc., can be enhanced with MDF panels.

What Are the Advantages of MDF Molding?

If you are looking for MDF molding in Phoenix, Az, you better know a thing or two about this product. You might have to compare and evaluate the benefits or advantages of the MDF and other products. But, if you know the basics of the Medium-Density Fibreboard material; here are the advantages of using this material in your home:

1. They Are Affordable

Skirting boards, window sills, and architraves are items you can see in every household, and they serve various purposes. Hence, affordability is a must for the wooden coating/flooring, and it also helps reduce the overall cost of renovating your home.

2. Easy to Paint

The MDF has a smooth surface which makes painting easier than other surfaces. Meanwhile, if a surface is rough or unsuitable for painting, it will damage itself or waste your paint. Furthermore, a white primed molding is best for almost every type of color you can think of.

3. Offers Uniform and Smooth Surface

The surface of MDF is usually smoother than other materials, and it still looks like wood; one more reason people choose MDF over wood.

5. Weather-Resistant and Durable

MDF is the only product that offers durability and flexibility. It results in your skirting boards getting much stronger and resistant to weather conditions and staying the same without shrinking or expanding.

6. Easy to Handle and Install

Whether it is a custom-made, ready-made, or DIY product, you will not find a better product than MDF molding. These products can be easily transported and installed just like a wooden item.

These advantages of using the MDF moldings make it the best option for the customers. And while being affordable and durable are just the primary conditions for attracting customers, the customers will only spend their money on products that offer quality and better features. So, that’s why this product is at the top of the list.