Affiliate Program Management in the Right Format


This decision is closely related to whether you leave the affiliate campaign traffic on the affiliate network or manage it yourself. 

Affiliate network

If you opt for an affiliate network, it’s easy. Networks take care of their campaigns themselves, as they have a percentage of each completed order. All you have to do is be in contact with the affiliate manager of the given campaign and provide information about new events and send documents (new banners, coupons). The main advantage is the independence of the entire marketing channel, because you get it. Through the Evergreen Wealth Formula you can get all the information as how to work in this process. Also you need to Read this post about fake reviews  also.



In general, this option is recommended for more experienced marketers or former affiliate managers who have experience and contacts in the field. The owner of the e-shop usually does not have the necessary knowledge or enough time to use this marketing channel maximum.

Find someone experienced

It is the last option, which may work but is challenging. And in terms of manpower, affiliate manager. Finding a capable and reliable manager with experience and time is not easy.

Most of them already have their own projects to work on and do not accept new orders. Unfortunately, affiliate marketing lives in the shadow of other marketing channels, so prepare your nerves for finding the right person. 

Their monthly evaluation can also be a problem, which most often consists of a monthly fix of the turnover of the affiliate campaign. 

Due to the finances, this solution is more suitable for medium and larger e-shops, which can afford the costs associated with a quality workforce. Especially the first months can be loss-making if you pay an affiliate manager to take care of the program.

The output of each affiliate manager should be a short report every month. This includes orders that are from an affiliate campaign. It also means the number of clicks and commissions. Best compared to last month to see if you are improving or not.

Build content

Planning and scheduling a project is OK, but implementation is important. The website should provide the quality content that the reader has come up with. Create original articles that you will publish regularly. Don’t forget about quality pictures and photos. You can use your own, but this will not be possible for some segments. That’s why there are photo banks where you can download photos for your projects for free.

Promotion – advertising

Even if your website will offer great and up-to-date content, it is still not won. You have to learn to promote your website. The fastest source of traffic is PPC advertising, but it is also one of the most expensive. What are other ways to promote?


Social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube)

Email marketing