A French bulldog is known to be a great companion for the family. It has become a popular pet over the last few years. They have broad shoulders and a thick neck. They have a deep chest with muscles that are well developed for which they have good physical strength. The coat of the body is generally brindle color or fawn and white.

Good family pets

They are excellent family pets and easily get together to form a close bond. They like to spend a lot of time with the human companions. You need to give them constant attention so that they become understanding and love to stay in your company. They require a little bit of training so that you do not face stubbornness or bad mood issues.

Health concerns

Frenchie dog has some health concerns like breathing problems. They should not be made to do excessive exercise which can lead to serious issues. They are not suitable for high temperatures so one needs to control the temperature around their body. It is possible that the breathing problems can become serious and life-threatening. One should not take them for extended walks in hot and humid weather. If required one should always seek medical treatment if there is any serious trouble for breathing problems.

Having a pet

In order to have a pet dog, one needs to be understanding and make sure you have an ample amount of time for them. A French bulldog is generally caring in its nature and still has to stay in the company of its owners. You should not avoid or neglect them as it makes them furious. You need to provide them with a good and healthy balanced diet to make them have a long and healthy life. Constant nurturing is always the best option to have a pet dog. Since they are small in size you can also carry them along with you if you travel nearby.


They do not need a lot of training in order to behave well. All you have to do is maintain their coat so that it does not have any bacterial infection. They are very lovable and affectionate so just by giving them a little bit of attention; you can expect them to stay happy and content. You should know the proper grooming techniques to adopt a pet dog. Taking care of all its necessity is really important health-wise.