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It’s all about the journey with you, never the destination. Whenever someone tries to pin you down about your past, your present or even your plans for the future, you never give them a straight answer. Keeping people guessing and never committing to anything is a way of life to you, it keeps you alive […]

Wields Pain as a Weapon

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You have been in pain for a long time. You might have a terminal illness or chronic condition, but whatever it’s nature, the one thing you can rely on is that it hurts relentlessly. But in that pain there is a spark of something more, something powerful and alien and with time, you have learned […]

Varix Ridge

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Out in the undulating wastes of the Amorphous Fields stands a large ridge of rock into which a series of mine shafts have been dug. The ridge itself flairs out in an unusual pattern, flanges of rock branching out up into the air in an almost fractal pattern. What is more interesting about the ridge […]

Creature Highlights: Stratharian War Moths

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Stratharian War Moths are exactly what the name implies – moths bred for battle. Now, you might not think the average moth is particularly scary, but these are no average moths. With a wing span of at least 5 feet, these moths mean serious business and that’s before you figure in their eerie withering light […]

Boss Battles in Numenera

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I recently responded to a call for advice over at Ninth World Hub regarding how easy a party of players can take out a single enemy. While combat isn’t the focus of Numenera in general, that doesn’t exclude the possibility of “boss battles” or powerful, singular enemies to fight. If you do want to focus […]

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