8 Types of Men’s Luxury Accessories for Any Style

It’s time to do one last check before you leave the house. You’ve got your wallet and keys. You remembered to put on your tie, and your cufflinks are where they’re supposed to be.

These are a good start, but there are a few other luxury accessories that can add more to your outfit. Many men don’t think about wearing bracelets and necklaces, but they’re a nice touch.

Well, they’re a nice touch if you pick out the right ones. We can help you look the best when you leave your house. Check out this guide to find out what you should be wearing.

  1. Bracelets 

The first luxury men’s accessories on our list are bracelets. Again, this isn’t something that many men think of wearing, but they can work with almost any outfit.

You can wear a few bracelets on one wrist or stick with one. Both are great ways to show off your unique personality. There are a lot of styles that you can choose from.

The most popular bracelets are beaded ones. You can also go with the classic solid metal bracelet or go with a chain. Our only advice would be to not wear too many on one wrist.

  1. Rings

It’s the opinion of many men that the only ring one should have on their finger is their wedding ring. These men would be wrong. There are many luxury accessories brands associated with them.

For example, signet rings are perfect for the casual jeans and t-shirt look. You can put on rings that consist of large gems, but those can be a hit or miss. If you’re not careful, they can come across as a little gaudy.

Most men prefer wearing simple bands. They look nice without distracting too much from that sharp outfit you’re wearing.

  1. Watches 

If you’re looking for an accessory that’s as gorgeous as it is functional, look no further than luxury watches. At least, they should be functional.

Many men forget that watches of wales are supposed to serve a purpose. They choose to get something that’s aesthetically pleasing instead of thinking about how well the accessory can sit on their wrist.

There are several different types of watches that you can pick up. The automatic and mechanical ones can run without you having to keep batteries on hand.

The automatic ones need a hand motion at least once or twice a day to continue functioning. The mechanical ones work by winding a spring.

Analog are the least expensive watches that you can buy. They require a battery to run, but other than that, you won’t have to worry about any other maintenance.

Digital watches electronically display the time. They’re quick to read, but you’ll need to pick up batteries for them. Your mobile phone and smartwatch count as a type of digital watch.

  1. Necklaces 

Necklaces are an accessory that’s always going in and out of style as far as men go. Like with rings, you should stay away from large gems. They can be distracting and pretty gaudy.

Leather cords are popular for those who are looking for something to go with their casual wear. Just because we say that you shouldn’t wear gems doesn’t mean that you can’t have a pendant necklace.

Small pendants are a great way to show off your personality and they’re pretty trendy. Chains pair best with baggy pants and shirts. You can stick with a single chain or layer them for a bit more visual oomph.

  1. Glasses 

When we say glasses, we don’t mean that you should wear ones with fake lenses. Those almost never look the part. Stick with a nice pair of sunglasses.

They look stylish, and they’ll provide protection from the sun during the summer. Try to find a pair that works with your facial shape. Round frames look great no matter what facial structure you’re working with.

Rectangular frames are best suited for those with rounder facial shapes. Sunglasses come in all matter of price points and styles. You can spend hundreds of dollars on a vintage pair or go with a nice all-rounder pair that are a little cheaper.

  1. Hats

No matter how much you play around with your hair, you can’t seem to get it to behave. It’s sticking out in every which way. Instead of applying additional hair gel, try wearing a hat.

Hats are less of an accessory and more of a statement piece. Still, they can bring a lot to an outfit. Wearing one can also keep your head warm on a cold day. It’s a win-win.

  1. Scarf 

If you’re looking for a way to add a pop of color to an outfit, scarves have you covered. They can also tone down a louder outfit if need be.

The only problem is that you can only wear them at certain points throughout the year. Putting on a thick scarf during the summer is more than a little inappropriate.

  1. Ties

While the suit and tie combo is a classic, you can wear ties with casual outfits as well. It’s all in how you style them. The fancy silk ties are better suited for the office.

Save your goofy printed ones for your everyday wear, and wool ties sort of provide the best of both worlds.

Luxury Accessories You’ve Got to Invest In 

Before you walk out of the house, it’s important to accessorize. This is true no matter if you’re male or female. Guys can wear necklaces and bracelets too.

In fact, both are great matches for almost any outfit. Invest in some of these luxury accessories today and turn a few heads. For more tips that will help you upgrade your closet, visit the Fashion section of our blog.