7 Factors to Consider Before Installing Flooring in Your Home

Sooner or later, nearly every homeowner decides on some kind of home improvement project. For some, it’s a basic upgrade to appliances. Yet, installing flooring is regularly the most popular option for home remodeling-minded homeowners.

It’s a practical choice. Floors take a beating in most homes, which makes them the most likely thing to start showing wear and tear. A new floor can make a room look new again.

Of course, new flooring isn’t just a matter of picking out something you like and slapping that new flooring down. There are a number of factors you must weigh before installation. Keep reading for seven factors to keep in mind.

  1. The Room

A key factor is the room itself. Is it a high-traffic space?

The more traffic a room gets, the more you must factor in durability as a key concern. If it’s an entryway, for example, you need something that can handle the constant traffic of shoes and potentially pet claws.

  1. Moisture

Some spaces in your home come with automatically high moisture content, such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, and basements. Some flooring types, such as hardwood, don’t hold up at all.

Flooring options like stone polymer composite flooring offer high water resistance. You can learn more about SPC flooring at https://dadsflooring.com/is-spc-flooring-right-for-you/.

  1. Natural Light

Natural light offers a lot of potential benefits. It can boost mood, help keep a room warm, and it’s often easier on the eyes than artificial light. Unfortunately, it also triggers fading for most vinyl, laminates, and carpeting.

  1. Interior Design

You must also consider your existing interior decoration choices. Engineered bamboo flooring might look great in the store, but it may not go so well with your burgundy-painted bedroom.

  1. Installation Time

Installation time is a factor for any kind of home renovation. The lower your tolerance for disruption, the more limited your flooring choices. Installing engineered hardwood might take an afternoon, while solid hardwood can take weeks when you consider acclimation, installation, and finishing.

  1. Allergies

As much as 30 percent of the US population suffers from cat and dog allergies to say nothing other allergies. As a rule, hard flooring proves easier to clean than carpeting. That can help limit the number of allergens in your home.

  1. Cost

The cost of flooring and installation may not top your list of factors, but it is a consideration. Exotic hardwood flooring will cost you substantially more than laminate or tile flooring.

Installing Flooring in Your Home

Installing flooring in your home is a popular project, often because it’s a straightforward way of revitalizing a space. It’s not a choice you should make without some serious consideration, though.

Everything from the average moisture level in the room to foot traffic and sun exposure can rule a type of flooring in or out. Even your home decorating choices can make one option more attractive than the rest. Don’t rush the decision because a bad choice can leave you replacing your new flooring.

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