5 Helpful Tips on How to Properly Style Bracelets

Are you having trouble mix-matching your bracelets? Want to know some tips on how to style jewelry to match your everyday fashion?

If so, keep reading to find out how to style jewelry. By the end of this article, you’ll be ready to go out in style!

1. Consider Fashion Wear

A common jewelry styling tip is to wear bracelets that don’t contradict and instead complement your clothes for the day. If you’re going for a casual look, bangles and beads are not a bad idea.

If you’re wearing cocktail gowns, a single classic bracelet piece is enough. You can wear a thin silver tennis bracelet to add a touch of elegance. If you’re wearing something formal, wear bracelets with minimal designs like this bracelet collection.

Another important thing to consider is your sleeves. If your look will compose of short sleeves, then you could go for a few bracelets. The general rule is to either wear clothes with sleeves that end above your bracelet or wear no bracelet at all.

2. Don’t Overdo

Stacking your bracelets may look good if you’re going for a hipster outfit of the day. Otherwise, wear bracelets only up until a few inches on your arm.

Wearing a stack of the bracelet can make you look dirty or overwhelming. If you’re not sure how much to wear, go with one minimal jewelry design.

3. Avoid Mixing Metals

Another jewelry styling tip is to be careful when mixing bracelets, especially metals. The general rule is to wear only one metal bracelet. Mixing gold and silver gives a messy look and may ruin your fashion.

Combining sterling silver or gold with platinum is also not advisable. Silver, platinum, or gold may look classy, but together they give an “over the top” look and may seem chaotic.

4. Go for Comfortable Bracelets

Above fashion, being comfortable comes first, so don’t wear bracelets that cause skin irritation or require constant fixing. Here are few styling tips to take note of when choosing a bracelet:

  • Wear a bracelet that fits your arm size
  • Discard tight pieces of jewelry
  • Avoid chunky jewelry like large bangles
  • Choose a comfortable jewelry material
  • Consider skin allergies

Aside from these, it’s also recommended that when you opt to wear bracelets, forgo extra jewelry. You may feel like wearing a large ring earring goes well with the outfit, but it may lead to overdressing. If you’re considering wearing extra jewelry, stick to minimal earrings, a necklace, or a ring.

5. Consider Dual Function Bracelets

You don’t have to worry about styling a bracelet and a watch, as you can now opt to wear dual-function ones. Not only do you save money this way, but you can also reduce the jewelry you’re using. It also helps lessen the weight you have to carry on your arm.

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