5 Fascinating Names of Tiny Bugs You Should Know About

Did you know that there are around 900,000 different species of insects across the globe?

Since many of these creatures are so tiny, there may be thousands more that we haven’t even discovered yet. It’s often the case that the name of a bug is as intriguing as the bug itself.

Are you wondering which are the coolest? Then, keep reading to learn all about the 5 fascinating names of tiny bugs you should know about.

  1. Monarch Butterfly

When it comes to the names of bugs, nothing is more regal than the monarch butterfly. Their stripes of black and orange look so royal that you’ll want to bend the knee to this queen.

These insects love the milkweed plant and spend most of their time on or near it.

  1. Hercules Beetle

Some insects and bugs’ names refer to Greek mythology. In this case, the Hercules beetle is named after the strong demigod that most children recognize from the Disney movie version of the myth.

This beetle has definitely earned its cool name because it’s the strongest creature on earth when you take its tiny size into consideration. You’ll be surprised to learn that it can lift 850 times its own body weight.

  1. Yellow Woolly Bear

This isn’t a type of bear. Rather, it falls under the category of cute bug names. The yellow woolly bear is, in fact, a type of caterpillar.

Its yellow fur isn’t harmful, but it can irritate the skin, so it’s best not to cuddle this bear. Later, the caterpillar will turn into a beautiful white moth that has black and orange speckles.

  1. Assassin Bug

Kids of all ages enjoy learning cool bug names. However, few bugs are as awesome-sounding as the assassin bug. Sometimes called an ambush bug, they use expert camouflage to pounce on their prey, including flies, butterflies, wasps, and more.

They eat their prey by injecting them with poison through their needle-like nose. The poison makes a milkshake of their insides which the assassin bug drinks up.

  1. Long-Legged Katydid

If you’re ever playing a game where the names of green bugs are a category, then you’ll have the advantage when you memorize the long-legged katydid. On the other hand, if that’s too long for you, then you’ll be glad to know that it’s sometimes called a bush cricket.

This beautiful green bug is shaped like a leaf so that it can hide from predators. With that in mind, you can compete with your friends and try to spot them hiding in trees or bushes.

There are plenty more bug names that you can learn.

Are You Ready to Identify Names of Tiny Bugs?

Now that you’ve learned all about the 5 fascinating names of tiny bugs, you can impress friends and family members with your knowledge. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to pursue a fruitful career in entomology.

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