5 errors when transferring the furniture should be avoided

There are a lot of mistakes that occur to us during the transfer of luggage and these mistakes put us in situations that we do not envy and cause us anxiety, tension, confusion and confusion in making decisions and trying to finish time at the expense of things and other things that happen to them because of these errors that if treated from the beginning the transfer day would have been He walked in a distinctive and natural way, without any damage or psychological problems due to lack of time.

5 errors when transferring the furniture should be avoided

1- Not filling things correctly

This leads to the breaking of many of our holdings and important purposes. The packing must be arranged in a suitable manner, especially for the things that can be broken, and insulators must be placed between them, such as bubble bags, or the use of towels, clothes, and towels to separate the things that can be broken so as not to cause harm.

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2- Leave the filling and loosening of the kitchen to the end

One of the common mistakes that cause matters to become drastic is that the kitchen contains a lot of things that must be collected before any other room, so the kitchen must be unpacked in the beginning after downloading any of its containers, cups or storage, then assembling everything separately so do not leave the kitchen until the last moments .

3- Not to get rid of unnecessary things

Another important thing and an appropriate opportunity to inventory the home during the transition and separate important things that have use in our lives and things that we never use and take a large area of the house and will take a large space also when moving if we decide not to dispense with them then try to search for the needy of these things or offer them for sale or donate For charities or for your friends instead of buying extra boxes for unnecessary things.

4- Not doing everything before moving

There are things that we must spend and do not leave until the time of transferring the furniture, such as if you live in a rental apartment and the time of the rental period has come to an end and you do not appreciate it and you may own an apartment and it has been sold to someone and given him a certain time to receive and prepared this person himself to come with his luggage and receive the apartment and you also You cannot value this, and you may have just rented a truck to transport the luggage in Jeddah. The date has come, and you have not packed your luggage and belongings after all these things. You should take it seriously so that we do not have to do random, fast, and mess up to get things done when they are up.

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5- Spend a long time filling in boxes

It should not take too much time to fill the boxes and complete this task well before the day of transition, because the packing process needs to focus during its work and not to cause a lot of damage due to the accumulation of things and place them incorrectly and without breaks for the things that can be broken, especially if you have not filled your boxes correctly do not blame Except yourself, if anything happens that you may regret, and if time is short, you will have to throw things randomly with boxes to save time.

All of these wrong things may happen to us in one way or another and perhaps some or all of them, but we must say that not all of these errors may cause huge problems, but in the end are mistakes that we must avoid because they lead to more pressures and damages on you so you understand these things and try to avoid them from The beginning is a good thing and you will know its value after completing your transfer and the exhausting day of transfer.

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