5 Car Cleaning Tips to Wash Your Car by Hand Like a Pro

Is it getting hard to see the paint job on your vehicle? You might be overdue for a car wash.

New cars depreciate quickly but it’s possible to slow it down if you keep your vehicle well-maintained. Washing your car by hand is a great way to keep your car looking its best while ensuring that the paint job stays in great shape.

Here are 5 of the best car cleaning tips you need to remember to wash your car by hand like a pro.

1. Start With the Right Temperature

One of the things to remember when cleaning your car is that you need to wash it when it’s cool rather than when it’s hot.

Washing the car when it’s warm can make your soap dry out faster. This can make it harder to rinse the soap from the surface of the car since the soap will dry out if it’s too hot.

Instead, make sure that it’s cool when you wash your car since this will reduce the amount of trouble you’ll have.

2. Use Automotive Cleaning Products

When washing a car, you’ll want to think carefully about what soap and cleaning products you’ll use. You shouldn’t use regular household cleaning products, but you should make sure that you use products that are specifically formulated for use with automotive paint.

You should also ensure that you read all the labels of the products you buy so that you’ll know exactly how much of the product to use and how to apply it correctly.

3. Detail Your Interior

Remember that when you’re washing your car that you should pay attention to the interior of your vehicle as well. You should be sure to remove trash from the inside of your vehicle and vacuum it.

To really guarantee that the interior of your vehicle looks like it’s new, you should detail it thoroughly. Be sure to learn more about car interior detailing kit options before you clean it.

4. Give Tires and Wheels Extra Attention

One part of your car that you’ll want to pay special attention to is the tires and wheels. It’s a good idea to wash them more thoroughly than the rest of your vehicle.

You should also use a specific sponge for tires and wheels, if possible. Tires and wheels have a lot of contact with the road and with dirt, so you’ll want to make sure that you give them all of the care that they need.

5. Wash Regularly

One of the best things that you can do to clean your car effectively is to make sure that you do it often. It’s best to wash your car weekly, if possible, to ensure that you preserve the car’s paint and appearance.

The longer you wait to wash your car, the more risk there will be of dirt and grime building up. Cleaning often and reducing buildup will also help you wash a car without scratching it.

Making the Most of These Car Cleaning Tips

If you want to keep your vehicle in the best shape possible, be sure to follow the car cleaning tips above. By washing your car by hand on a regular basis, your car will retain more of its value and will look its best.

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