5 Accessories to Level up Your Summer OOTD

Did you know that the seasonal average temperature during summer in the United States is around 71 degrees? With the weather heating up, you should style your summer fashion accordingly.

Have you ever wondered how to put together the perfect summer OOTD? Here are some summer style tips that can help you bring your ensembles to the next level.

1. A Floppy Beach Hat

When you are in the sun for hours every day, you need to make sure that you are protected. One of the best ways to keep your scalp from burning is by wearing a wide-brimmed hat.

These hats can also offer shade to see your book or phone screen if you are on the beach or poolside for hours at a time. Try to buy one in a shade that works with many different colors, such as black, gray, or tan.

2. Comfortable Sandals

The last thing you want to deal with during the hottest months of the year is sweat on your feet. Sandals are a great way to keep your feet comfortable and stay cool for a summer fashion look.

If you buy a new pair of sandals, make sure that you break them in before taking them out for a long period. Breaking them in will help you avoid blisters or chaffing that could cause pain.

3. A Staple Handbag

A good handbag is essential for keeping all of your summer needs, such as water, makeup, and sunblock. Totes and standard purses are some of the best options because they are portable and also have enough space for everything you need.

However, it is also important that you protect your bag when it is not in use. Try Bag-A-Vie to keep your purse in great shape when you are not showing it off.

4. A Pair of Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a chic way to keep your face and eyes protected from the glare of the sun. In addition, they can help you do activities such as driving and lying on the beach without staring at the sun full force.

If you have a vision prescription, you can get prescription sunglasses so you can still see clearly without your regular specs.

5. Simple Jewelry

A staple of summer fashion is jewelry that can accentuate an outfit but not overwhelm it. Simple jewelry in gold, silver, or white gold is a great way to accessorize without taking away from your overall look.

Try stud or small hoop earrings, long necklaces, and even an ankle bracelet to give yourself a unique summer-style look.

Create a Fantastic Summer OOTD Today

If you want to look good every day during the summer season, you should know how to put together a summer OOTD. With these fashion tips, you can have the perfect ensemble every time.

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