4 Impressive Health Benefits of Fishing

The weather is warm and the skies are clear. You know what that means: It’s time to go fishing. 

Taking a fishing trip every now and again is a great way to either bond or get some serious alone time (depending on what you’re after), but did you know that there are actual health benefits of fishing?

That’s right, you don’t need an excuse to sit out in the sun with your line in the water. You’re actually doing something good for yourself!

Not sure you believe us? No problem. Keep reading to learn all about how learning to fish (or continuing to fish) is good for your health, along with some great fishing tips. 

1. Vitamin D

Everyone knows that a day out in the sun can really boost your mood, but why is that?

Research suggests that vitamin D (from the sun) is great for improving your overall mood. It can give you more energy, lower symptoms of anxiety and depression, and give you an overall feeling of “calm” even after a hard day at work.

This is one of the reasons why many health professionals suggest that everyone takes even a short walk outside every day. 

If you’re out fishing, you’re almost certainly out in the sun. One of the advantages of using inflatable boats for fishing is that you can find a perfect sunny spot in your favorite body of water to bask in.

2. Fresh Air

Speaking of getting outside, fresh air is also a great benefit of getting outside.

When we stay indoors, or even outdoors in cramped city environments, we don’t always have access to clean and fresh air. There’s a huge difference between breathing stuffy air and getting a great breath of fresh air.

Fresh air is good for your lungs, your mood, and your overall wellbeing. 

3. Lower Blood Pressure

Did you know that fishing can lower your blood pressure

Research suggests spending time outside may help with your blood pressure (among other things). Do you ever feel relaxed after a long day out on the boat? This might be why! 

Fishing is a low-stress physical activity that connects you with the world around you. Your blood pressure will thank you.

4. Burning Calories

To be clear: most of the time, fishing isn’t a high-intensity activity. Most days spent fishing are also spent sharing a few drinks among friends or sitting around.

That said, there’s enough physical activity on a standard active fishing trip for you to burn off a few calories here and there. In other words, it’s better than sitting at home on the couch.

Are you going to be building up your muscles while having a relaxing day on the boat? No, but you will burn a few extra calories. 

Are These Benefits of Fishing Convincing?

With these health benefits of fishing in mind, you don’t have to feel guilty next time you choose to put a line in the water and spend a day on the boat. After all, you’re doing something great for your body!

Plan your next fishing trip today. 

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