4 Best Heating Appliances to Replace Conventional Oven


When you work in a kitchen, you cannot avoid heating or baking method in a cooking process. It means that appliance with heating function plays important role. However, people often confused to choose the best item. Whether it is an electric oven or gas cooker. For the best electric oven prices in Sri Lanka, start searching from online shopping sites in Sri Lanka – their prices are way lower than what you would get on physical stores.

The common type used in the kitchen is conventional oven. It is available in electrical-powered and gas burner. This baker works by releasing the heat and send cold air to the bottom. This process affects the result which sometimes comes a bit rough.  For better baking tasks, you might consider these heating appliances.

Convection Oven

Although the name is quite similar but this appliance works a bit different with the conventional one. Convection oven is equipped with fan behind its body allowing air circulation to spread more equally inside. Heat spreads thoroughly which make receive almost similar amount of heat during the cooking process. Better air circulation leads for faster heating which also affect power consumption. As the foods are heated quicker, this oven known to use less power. This can be a good option especially if you are looking for saving-energy appliance. Moreover, it has different time setting in the cooking process from the conventional model. 

Multi Cooker 

How much space available in the kitchen affect people to choose heating appliance. You need to put multi cooker into the lust for small kitchen. Compared with conventional oven, this heating tool require much smaller space. Although its shape is different from most oven but it includes both heating and baking function. 

Equipped with adjustable program, you can set cooking process according to your preference. Similar with common ovens, you can set the time when you want to bake using this appliance. More pleasantly, once the program has been selected, multi cooker requires less intervention from the users during the process. 


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Microwave Oven

Another common model which most people own is microwave oven. This model suit daily foods heating needs. If you want to heat the foods in short period of time, it could be the best choice. People use it to melt something like chocolate, cheese, or frozen foods. Microwave works to heat foods by its radio waves. What you need to pay attention is there are certain types of recipes that can be based cooked using microwave. However, never expect it cooks like electric oven does. It is because sometimes the result comes out not really smooth. 

Oven Toaster Grill Oven

Popularly known as OTG oven, it uses filaments coil to bake the foods. Like its name, this appliance works best for cooking toast and grilling. Although you are still able to bake with this but the result is not similar with those two cooking methods. When you bake foods using OTG, it comes out fine regularly. It’s just sometimes you can find the foods uncooked perfectly or just dry out in some parts. If you intend to grill more in the kitchen, you might substitute conventional model with this type of electric oven.