3 Tips for How To Improve Your Sex Life

If you’re finding that your time in the bedroom just isn’t what it used to be, or you or your partner are having difficulty getting ‘in the mood’, you might be wondering how to improve your sex life. Over time, especially in comfortable and stable relationships, we have a tendency to stop putting in as much effort as the honeymoon phase weakens. But that doesn’t mean you should give up or move on to someone else.

Surprisingly, over one third of Americans are unimpressed with their sex life, and this can be down to a multitude of factors. From not feeling a connection to yourself or the other person to more complicated personal performance problems. 

If you want to improve your sex life and reignite the excitement in the bedroom, be sure to keep reading and follow these tips.


Stress contributes to a low libido for both sexes and can significantly diminish your sex life. Excessive drinking and a high BMI can cause erectile dysfunction and other performance issues. 

There are several types of erectile dysfunction treatments and male enhancers, from injections to pumps and implants. But the best erectile dysfunction treatment and most popular choice are pills, which can range from natural Ashwagandha to prescribed medications. 


Communicate with your partner what you enjoy and your preferences, and listen to them explain theirs. By communicating, you’ll be able to express your needs clearly and have a lot more fun. Experiment, try new positions, or introduce toys. 

Though it may seem childish and perhaps embarrassing at first, you’ll be surprised how ‘dirty talk’ can spice things up. Keep it enjoyable and exciting.

After the fun is over, talk to each other. Perhaps there was something you particularly enjoyed and wanted to practice more or something you’re not sure about and need more time with. Whatever it may be, communicating afterward is a great way to strengthen any relationship. 


Foreplay is still often overlooked, and it’s an integral part of improving your sexual performance and reaching climax. Rushing straight into it all the time is a guaranteed mood killer for your partner, especially. 

Take your time, and learn about each other’s bodies. Even if you’re not in a relationship and it’s just casual sex. Women require lubrication to comfortably enjoy intercourse and warming up beforehand allows for that to happen naturally without the use of products. 

If this is new to you, research the many ways in which you’re able to please your partner and how they can satisfy you in return.

Think You Know How to Improve Your Sex Life?

Now that you’ve read these top tips on how to improve your sex life, you’ll be raring to go full of inspiration and new ideas.

Remember, it’s absolutely fine to just not be in the mood. We’re human beings and sometimes we really are just too tired. If you find that nothing seems to be improving over time, why not talk to a therapist together to address any underlying causes.

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