10 Must-have Bathroom Accessories

If you’re looking for some practical but also aesthetically pleasing accessories you can add to your bathroom, here are some ideas that will help inspire you.

1. Bath rug

Bathroom floors can get quite messy and slippery very fast. Not only does this make the bathroom look unattended but it also poses risk for slips and falls. A nice fluffy bath rug can easily fix this problem. Most of them are made to absorb water very easily and they won’t be sliding around and making anyone who enters the bathroom slip and fall. Also, a bath rug with a unique pattern and colour scheme can really add a nice pop of colour to the bathroom.

2. Mirror

We underestimate the power of an elegant mirror and what kind of magic it can do to any room, but especially to the bathroom. You can choose from different sizes, shapes, frame colours, and patterns and get a mirror that will be a focal point of your bathroom. Also, since mirrors reflect light, having a large mirror or even several smaller ones can make your bathroom appear larger.

3. Liquid soap dispenser and brush holders

This small detail can really make your bathroom look put-together. You can find a liquid soap dispenser and toothbrush holders that have the same design. You can go for elegant marble, matte black, soft pastels, or any other colour scheme you like. This will make your vanity design look very cohesive and aesthetically pleasing.

4. Tissue box cover

Tissues are essential in the bathroom and usually come in some kind of a plastic or cardboard packaging. You can easily replace this with a tissue box cover. There are numerous different materials you can choose from depending on what kind of an aesthetic you want. You can choose from steel, metal, wood, ceramics, and other materials available.

5. Hair catchers

Hair fall is completely normal. We all once had to scoop up hair from the bathroom walls and in the bathtub/shower. It can get kind of messy and it can be a drag to have to unclog your drain every other day. That is why this useful tool can help you. A hair catcher will easily collect any hair in the bathtub and make it easier for you to get rid of it. Definitely check it out.

6. Towel bars

If you’re short on bathroom storage for towels but don’t really have enough space to fit in a whole new drawer, a towel bar is a great solution. It looks very minimalistic, doesn’t take up much space and looks really good with towels piled up on it. It will make your bathroom feel like a luxury hotel bathroom.

7. Air freshener dispenser

We all know that bathrooms can have unpleasant smells sometimes and that’s okay. An easy solution for that would be to get an air freshener dispenser. You can easily place it on a towel bar or install it on the bathroom wall. It can be programmed to automatically refresh the air every 15 or 30 minutes for example.

8. Hand dryer

A high speed hand dryer is a great investment for those who would like to be more sustainable and eco-friendly in their bathroom. In addition to that, using a hand dryer ensures that you don’t accidentally transfer any bacteria or germs that can grow on wet towels if they are not switched for new ones regularly.

9. Bathroom organiser

With a lot of hair care products, shower gels, hair masks, and other products, the bathtub or shower, depending on what you have, can look a lot messy. That is why a simple bathroom organiser that can be placed in or next to the bathtub can make your life a lot easier.

10. Indoor plants

Lastly, you can bring some nature in and get a few indoor plants that will make your bathroom lively and colourful. Plus, some houseplants can really thrive in the conditions created in the bathroom. Just make sure they have enough sunlight and are watered enough.


Overall, there are so many ways to add bathroom accessories that are both useful and can look good in your bathroom. These are some of the most common ideas that can elevate your bathroom design and make your life a bit easier in the process as well.