When to prefer a vintage car for the Wedding

Imagine the residential villa you have chosen for your wedding banquet, your dress with a clear vintage effect or in any case challenging, a reception organized down to the smallest detail, tables set in an almost regal way. Now imagine arriving on a black, white or cream-colored vintage car, which smells of history and importance, capable of enhancing your moment. In these cases, one cannot help but opt ​​for a historic car, such as a Rolls Royce, a limousine or more nicely an old Topolino or a Citroen 2Cv.

The Options for You

The black is synonymous with eleganceand a vintage car decked out with contrasting white ribbons and balloons creates a pleasant effect. Unlike white or cream, colors that match your dress will remain. During weddings, dark colors are hardly chosen, but if they are well combined with the decorations and limited to a specific category of car, then this choice is also allowed. It conveys elegance, value and importance.

The Perfect Choices

The choice of vintage car rental for wedding must also be weighted according to the movements to be made during the day, calculating the distances. If the place of the banquet is near the church or the municipality, there are no particular constraints in choosing the car model, but if it were necessary to travel several kilometers then it is necessary to evaluate some typical aspects of the car, such as speed and roads to go. Choosing a particularly slow car in case of prolonged journeys can extend the time and create discomfort for the following guests, as well as the circulation of normal traffic present. Better, in this case, to prefer a less minimal and more brilliant car. Vintage car does not necessarily mean slow vehicle.

In summary

The possibilities available are many and all have charm. When you rely on wedding car rental, experts such as the staff of Andiamo in Bianco can recommend various solutions and possibilities that you meager initially did not even consider but which in any case are interesting and curious. Every wedding must have the right car, suited to the ceremony, style and personality of the spouses, even if at times it is possible to break the delay and dare, but with class and reasoning.

Vintage car:

This choice rewards romanticism giving your wedding that nostalgic aspect that today is much sought after and appreciated. The cars of the Sixties are always full of style, those of the Thirties exude history and in some ways sympathy thanks to their shapes. Surely choosing a historic car for your wedding is synonymous with class, elegance and royalty . You will have your eyes on you on the street, because a vintage car certainly does not go unnoticed, even more if enriched with decorations with ribbons and flowers. Usually preferred colors are white, gray or ivory, while black only makes sense when decorated with bridal ribbons and flowers.


Space and elegance without measure

To choose if you have a bulky, long dress with an impressive train. A must if you also want to have witnesses and bridesmaids with you: the limousine is approved for several people and is, in these cases, the ideal solution. Preferable white, or black with contrasting decorations. Using the Guelph Limo is important.

Sport car:

Usually with two seats or 2 + 2, it offers dynamism and modernity. It allows the realization of a dream (especially male), that is to drive at least once a car that most people will not be able to own. To be chosen in the traditional colors of the brand or that in any case invite to sportiness, while a silver gray color (together with blue) also carries the concept of elegance.