What Does a Background Investigator Do?

A recent survey found that background checks are required for nearly every line of work these days. However, some jobs may require something more thorough.

Are you entering an industry that requires a high security clearance? You may be subject to something called a background investigation.

What does a background investigator look for? How can a background investigation affect your chances of getting hired?

Read on to find out more about what background investigators do.

Verifying Information

Most job applications ask you to disclose information about your past.

This may include places you’ve worked and the education you’ve received. It may also include any criminal history that may appear on your record. A background investigation verifies that what you’ve said is true.

A background investigation may also reveal additional information, including things like conflicts of interest or credit issues. A background investigator may also examine your social media profiles and online activity. This is done to protect businesses from possible liabilities. 

Conducting Interviews 

Plenty of information can be gathered digitally. Still, background investigations do require a human touch. That’s why many companies hire a private investigator to perform the investigation of potential hires.

In fact, you can expect that a background investigator will interview people you know. This can include previous employers and other references of your choosing. It can also include people who know you well and can speak to your character.

Preparing Reports

All of this information must be presented to your potential employer in a cohesive manner. After gathering facts and conducting interviews, background investigators prepare reports. These reports are then delivered to the company that hired them.

These reports will influence decisions made by the potential employer in question. If the information you provided lines up with the investigator’s report, you’re in good shape.

What happens if there are discrepancies? You may be given an opportunity to address them. That part is up to the company.

Additional Work Background Investigators May Take On

Applicant background checks are not the only thing a background investigator may perform. Background investigators are often hired by businesses that are undergoing due diligence investigations. What does this entail?

A background investigator can look for signs of any conflicts of interest. They will also look for tax filing errors and other financial discrepancies. This information is often used to inform major decisions such as mergers and buy-outs.

Know What to Expect From Your Background Investigation

Almost everyone who applies for a new job can expect that their potential employer will run a background check. However, some positions may go as far as hiring a background investigator. Knowing what a background investigator may uncover can help you prepare for the application process.

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