What are Different Types of Dentures and Alternative Options? 

Losing teeth affects your smile, and it also affects the way you speak and eat. There can be various reasons for losing a tooth, which include physical trauma, malnutrition, and other issues that can lead to tooth problems and, ultimately, loss. 

To solve this problem of losing teeth, there is a solution: dentures. However, people consider dentures as a solution for aged people. But nowadays, various forms of dentures can act as a natural tooth for you and at any age level. So, in this article, we will discuss the types of dentures you can opt for in North York, Ontario. There’s a dentist in Willowdale, North York, ON, where you can find robust solutions to your problems. 

What are the Different Types of Dentures? 

There are three types of dentures available for people. These are the conventional complete dentures, immediate full dentures, and partial dentures. Let’s understand in detail about these dentures. 

  • Conventional Full Denture: It is designed for patients with lost natural teeth. So, in replacement, doctors use complete dentures to provide a tooth-like structure. In this procedure, the doctor will first make a mold of your gums, and based on those molds, they will build a custom-fit denture for your mouth. Some dental practices will heal your jawbones and gums until the time there is fitting of your new dentures.
  • Immediate Full Denture: It is different from conventional denture methods. There is a near complete denture before removing any remaining tooth. In this process, the denture is fitted on the same day the tooth is removed from the mouth. It is mainly used as a temporary solution before fitting a permanent denture. 
  • Partial Denture: If a few teeth are missing, there will be a parietal denture that will replace the lost tooth. A metal framework and metal clips will connect it to the natural teeth to give them a backing. If adjacent teeth are weak, then the doctors will use crowns to provide a solid surface for attachment.  

What are Other Alternative Options for Dentures? 

One of the most popular alternative options for dentures is dental implants. This is the permanent solution for dentures. In this procedure, a metal rod will be implanted into the jawbone where the teeth are missing. However, you should contact a professional dentist to provide detailed information about the alternative options and your benefits.