Star Wars Numenera

Published December 5, 2013 by in For Gamemasters, For Players, Mechanics

I’m a big fan of Star Wars.

I’ve made adaptations for Star Wars in almost every game system I’ve used.  I’ve played every licensed Star Wars roleplaying game that’s come out.  To this day I play the MMORPG for Star Wars the Old Republic, having played and met the developers for the previous MMO, and I recently spoke on a panel podcast about my thoughts on George Lucas and Star Wars here.  You could say I’m a fan of Star Wars games.

So last week I got the idea to finally put together my mod for Numenera’s Cypher system, set in the Star Wars universe.  I’ve been thinking about how to do it for a long time now and I think at this point those ideas have come to a boil.  It started with just a few Foci, but the thing has boiled over into a 24 page pdf.  I hope that’s ok.

It’s a little bit experimental.  In particular the Cyphers used in this adaptation are not physical.  They’re sets of stunts, combat moves, and plot twists.  They’re basically tropes.  I’d really like to know if you folks like this system, because I have a few ideas for other ones like it, such as a Vampire the Masquerade adaptation in which Cyphers are powers gained through drinking blood.

So, here it is!  Let me know what you think:  Star Wars in Numenera

  • Ryan Chaddock

    Looks like I forgot to include armor. I’ll fix it tomorrow and update the file. Hopefully it wont throw too many people off.

  • Anthony Ortiz

    Wow… has anyone seen this yet? I’ve just skimmed over it but looks very nice so far. Gonna go more in depth when I have a chance. Upvote from me! 😀

  • Jim Flory

    Just started a new game, and we were taking a look at your Star Wars conversion. Really really good stuff.
    Question though; how would you include some of the neat tricks that we see Jedi use lightsabers for? Specifically, things like removing limbs and melting through hulls/vault doors/etc?

  • Tiago Araujo Aguiar

    Really good stuff you got there!!! I just give a quick look but I saw lots of good idea!

  • Jim Flory

    Mr. Chaddock?

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