Parx Racetrack Now Offers An Online Casino And Blackjack

Pennsylvania is reveling in the fact that it has expanded online gambling options open to every resident. This is not a common experience in the country as most states do not permit online wagering of any kind. The legislature in Pennsylvania has decided to take a different approach from most and opened its doors to the tax revenues that it will collect from online casinos as a result of the more liberal gambling laws.

Parx Racetrack And Casino Offers Online Games

The popular Parx racetrack in Pennsylvania also offers casino games via its online platform at this point. One of the most popular games that it offers at this time is Pennsylvania Blackjack. This is the classic casino game that is wildly popular and people want their opportunity to play it. Pennsylvania Blackjack was one of the first offerings that Parx Casino felt that it needed to have available.

Blackjack Is One Of The Most Even Games Between The Player And The House

The popularity of Pennsylvania Blackjack is that it is one of the most evenly matched games between the player and the casino. When played via perfect strategy, the player is only about a 49-51% underdog to the casino. Thus, the game is popular for its simplicity and for its ability to produce winners from time to time.

Switching Over To An Online Casino

There are a lot of reasons to consider switching over the Parx online casino rather than the land-based casinos that you are probably playing at now. Those who have already made the switch say that they love to play online because it opens up so many doors for them to play games that they want to play directly from home whenever the desire grabs them. That is a major advantage over having to get dressed and prepared to head over to a land-based casino.

Online casinos like the Parx online casino make it easy to deposit and withdrawal your money whenever you are ready to do so. You can avoid the smoke-filled rooms and avoid anyone seeing you doing your gambling business. Privacy and health are two major reasons why many players say they have moved over to online casinos.

A Licensed Casino For The Fairest Games

There are illegal casinos online that you could literally take a roll of the dice playing at if you wanted to, but they are not necessarily going to run a fair game or get your funds back to you when you are ready to withdrawal them. That is the danger of trying to play with an unregulated casino. Fortunately, in Pennsylvania you do not have to take this gamble.

Pennsylvania Blackjack and all other games offered on the Parx Casino online are regulated and overseen by government agencies that ensure that the games are run fairly and that players are capable of accessing their funds when they are ready to withdrawal them. Those protections are what make the regulated gambling market so much more advantageous for individual players to partake in.

Fully Legal

Clearly, the games offered by Parx Casino are fully legal in the state of Pennsylvania. There are hopes of expansion into other states in the days to come, but that will only become clear as time goes on. Those other states have to make their own choices regarding gambling within their borders. As this continues to happen, the Parx Casino will perhaps look at expanding its offerings to those outside of Pennsylvania. For the time being, you must physically be within the state to enjoy the games, but that still means that millions of people have access to these games.