Medical Malpractice Attorneys near Me: How Much Do They Cost?


About 78% of medical malpractice claims don’t result in settlement payments. The average received for the cases that did win a settlement is just over $111,000.

It’s difficult to prove medical malpractice, which is why you need to have the best lawyer that specializes in medical malpractice.

If you’re pursuing your options to find a lawyer, you’re probably wondering about the cost to hire the best attorney you can find.

Before you search for “medical malpractice attorneys near me” on Google, keep reading. You’re about to find out how much it costs to hire a medical malpractice lawyer.

How Much Does a Medical Malpractice Attorney Cost?

Medical malpractice attorneys have a different pricing structure than business attorneys and other types of attorneys.

Those attorneys charge by the hour or with a flat fee.

Medical malpractice attorneys charge on a contingency basis. You only pay for the attorney’s services on the contingency that they win a settlement for you.

The attorney receives a percentage of the settlement, which is normally 25% to 40%. The percentage they charge is influenced by state laws and regulations.

The settlement amount gets distributed after the costs of litigating your case. The attorney pays for litigation costs like expert witnesses out of pocket.

That might seem like a lot but think about the amount of risk the attorney takes. They’re going to spend a lot of time and energy on your case with no guarantee of winning.

If you tried to represent yourself, the chances are much higher that you’d lose the case. You simply don’t know caselaw. It’s always best to hire an attorney to represent you.

You’ll get a better outcome than if you handled it on your own.

What happens if you don’t receive a settlement from the medical malpractice case? This is a question you need to ask the attorney before you sign a contract.

There may be costs such as administrative fees. Attorneys may ask you to pay for administrative costs upfront, but you can negotiate how these costs get handled.

Finding Medical Malpractice Attorneys Near Me

If you want to know how to sue a doctor, you need to start with a very good attorney.

You don’t have much to lose by looking for the best lawyers for your case. Interview several medical malpractice lawyers in your area.

Most attorneys offer a free consultation to look over your case. You need to show that your case is winnable.

Bring as much documentation as you can to the appointment. Medical records, bills, income statements, insurance information, and proof of lost income are a few of the things you’ll need.

Be sure to ask attorneys about their experience with medical malpractice cases and their most recent results.

Hire the Best Lawyer for Medical Malpractice

The majority of medical malpractice cases don’t end in big settlement payments. Fortunately, most medical malpractice lawyers get paid if they win your case.

When you search for “medical malpractice attorneys near me,” find attorneys with the experience and results to win your case.

Make sure you understand if there are upfront costs and the percentage of the settlement they receive. You’ll be able to hire the best lawyer to win your lawsuit.

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